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  • Hello

    I have ran into a minor problem with wp e-commerce.

    I have some categories such as New Products and On Sale, and was wondering if its possible to make wp e-commerce automatically add, lets say the newest 10 products to the New Products category, so u dont have to select that category from the list you create a new product and also when its not ‘new’ anymore go in and unselect it, becuase that seems really unnessasry :s .

    bit the same with On Sale, if u have some products on sale, then i want it to automatically add to my On Sale category by using the on sale price.

    I’ve been reading about some taxonomy-wpsc_product_category but it really didnt get me any closer

    also i found this on wp e-commerce own site which i would think its about right, but couldnt really make it work.

    wpsc_query->category, e.g.
    if ($wpsc_query->category == 1) {
    // Do something

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