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  • I have just installed the the WP e-Commerce plugin and when I go to the checkout options I get

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/form_fields.php on line 136

    I also cannot add products, groups or variations. It just says

    The item has not been added

    This is a brand new install, just downloaded wp this morning.

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  • yeah same error and situation here. . .

    Yep – same here also.

    Same here too 🙁

    I tried all the previous versions of WP e-commerce (ie 3.6.8 RC1, 3.6.7 right back to 3.6.5 and also the dev version) however each gave me a similar error. I’ve found another plugin to do e-commerce…

    KathyReid–which plugin did you find?

    This is a new bug to me, what version of WordPress are you using and what are the database permissions and database prefix set to?

    The problem appears to be that the database tables for the plugin are not being created, but without more information it is not possible to determine why they are not being created.

    Please send us more information so that we can help.

    Macropiper; Thanks for that.

    Everyone else; Like Macropiper said this is a problem with creating Database tables. We’ve decided to enhance this even futher and look closer at how WordPress handle database upgrades…

    Keep the faith guys. We are here and we are listening 🙂

    i just had this error. deactivate the cart plugin and reactivate it and it will work…or it did for me.

    Thanks pqhost

    i just had this error. deactivate the cart plugin and reactivate it and it will work…or it did for me.

    I did it and now, all is OK for me too

    I FIXED IT!!!!

    Somebody, please give me some hard cash for this!! Okay, here’s how this was resolved – took me a while but got it.

    If you are using the wp-super cache plugin and it is activated, take a look at your wp-config.php file. Chances are, the define(‘DB_NAME’, entry will be commented out. Move it right below the define(‘WP_CACHE’ line. Save the file.

    Then, deactivate wp-shopping, delete from the plugin folder. Download a fresh copy, and put it back into the plugins folder. Activate and viola! You should see a bunch of new files in your mysql db.

    I’d like to add to my post above…ran into the same issue and noticed that doing the above sometimes worked. You also need to delete the pages that wp-shopping cart sets up when initially activated. This should work.

    Well, I tried also to install this plug-in and I am having the some issue.

    I already tried to Deactivate-Activate and no databse

    Check also wp-config.php and nop

    Please advice !?!


    my advice: use eshop. Completely user friendly and no issues so far. Try it.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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