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  • I am using WP E-commerce and when I click on my thumbnail images in my shop the whole site freezes and has to be reloaded.. The same thing occurs if I click on pics in my NexGen Gallery.

    I uninstalled the plugin and tested my gallery and it works fine so it’s obviously the e-commerce plugin..

    Please Help!!!!!

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  • its not the ecommerce plugin, its the two in combination, the image effects clash. i had the same problem. all you gotta do is change your javascript effect in your gallery from thickbox to lightbox. youll find the dropdown menu in gallery>options>effects

    should solve all your problems.

    That did the trick..

    Thank you so much for your help.. You have saved me more hours of frustration 🙂

    In Wp ecommerce V. 3.5.1, the thickbox plugin is only working part of the time, the rest of the time it just takes the user directly to the image.

    I am not using any other plugins that use thickbox, and there is only one version of thickbox loaded. I am using other plugins that use Jquery, but the same plugins as before.

    Thickbox can work on one page, then only work for several images on that same page, or not work on that page at all. The only difference between this and other setups is that I have a lot of variations on each item, and I am wondering if that could perhaps be too much js to have loaded – but I wanted to check here and see if there are any known issues with v 3.5.1 and the thickbox plugin.

    The instinct site has been gone or inaccessible for many months now :/

    I uploaded a new version of jQuery to the wp-shopping cart folder, and now all is working fine (just in case anyone else was having this problem)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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