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  • Hi all,

    I’ve posted this in the WP E-Commerce forums as well – but have yet to get this resolved. And since this might be more of a WP thing – figured I might get a solution here.

    WP E-Commerce Forum thread:

    I couldn’t find this by searching – maybe I don’t know what its called.

    I have 2 different sites – both running the same versions of WP and WPEC.

    One of them – on the Main WordPress Dashboard Page – displays e-commerce panels. The other does not.

    Anybody have any ideas why the e-commerce panels – I’m assuming are WPEC added items – are showing on one site’s dashboard – and not the other?

    Only difference between the two installs of WP are that one was completely new – DB, etc – the other has been upgraded since at least version 2.9.

    Maybe there’s something in the DB of the site that isn’t working that is keeping the WPEC dashboard items from showing?

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  • Hi, have you made sure that the WPEC plugin is actually activated in the plugins page?

    What version of the WPEC plugin have you installed on the one that’s broken?

    Yes – it is activated.

    Most recent versions of WPEC and WP.

    By most recent of WPEC do you mean 3.7 or 3.8?


    Pretty sure this does not have anything to do with it.

    The site that IS showing the WPSC Panels in the WP Dashboard was a completely new install of WordPress.

    The site that IS NOT showing the WPSC Panels in the WP Dashboard is an updated many times version of WordPress.

    Also – some of the panels of the WP Dashboards are different. For instance – the site that is working shows a WordPress Blog panel. The site that does not work shows a WordPress Development Blog panel.

    Sounds like something might be corrupted in the database. I suggest you try running a repair operation on your database which you can do in either one of two ways:

    – through WordPress by simply enabling the WP_ALLOW_REPAIR in your wp-config:

    – by logging in directly into your phpmyadmin:

    In either case make sure to backup your database first:

    If that doesn’t work, please include a screenshot of your back-end Dashboard on your next post. Maybe I can see something out of place.

    Thanks jkudish – I’ll try the WP_ALLOW_REPAIR solution later today.

    I’ll post the outcome.

    Ok – I updated to WP 3.0.3 / WP E-Commerce to 3.7.8 / WPSC GOLD CART 2.8 / and ran WP_ALLOW_REPAIR.

    Then – Deactivated WP E-Commerce – reactivated.

    Everything works fine on site – except I still get no E-Commerce panels on the WP Dashboard.

    Screenshot here

    Oh okay, I thought the problem was that you couldn’t see any WPEC interface items at all, now I see it’s only the dashboard widgets that are missing. Did you try to disable other plugins and only leave WPEC active and revert to the default Twenty Ten theme. Perhaps another piece of functionality you have is causing a conflict?

    Let us know after you try

    I created a dev environment > new WP + new WPSC + copy of current DB + Twenty Ten theme.

    No luck.

    Feeling pretty sure its in the DB somewhere. I just don’t know what I’m looking for.

    If you’re comfortable going into phpMyAdmin and messing with the tables, I suggest you empty out the following entry in dashboard_widget_options in your wp_options table (notice that the wp_ prefix might be different on your installation).

    Make sure to backup your database first.

    That made the Dashboard look more ‘default’ – if that makes any sense. I’m now getting the regular WP Blog – instead of the WP Development Blog I was getting.

    But still no E-Commerce Panels.

    From doing some searching of source code – from the WP Dashboard that works – I’ve come to find this: IS_WP27

    If that is true – the panels seem to be added in /WPSC/wpsc-admin/admin.php around lines 420:

    //if(function_exists('wp_add_dashboard_widget')) {
    if( IS_WP27 ) {
    } else {
    	add_action('activity_box_end', 'wpsc_admin_dashboard_rightnow');

    and 759:

    if( IS_WP27 ) {
    } else {
    	add_action('activity_box_end', 'wpsc_admin_4months_widget_rightnow');

    I tried to un-comment the if(function_exits… + add it down around 759 – deactivate and reactivate the plugin – still no luck…

    I’m sorry to say I am out of ideas at this point.

    I am a WordPress developer. I’d be happy to take a quick look free of charge and see if there’s something else that’s basic we are missing.

    If you’re interested shoot me an e-mail


    Tim Rogers


    I am having a similar issue and was wondering if you got it to work?

    I even tried to install WP E-Commerce Dashboard and that freezes the dashboard page without allowing you to customize.

    Thank you

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