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  • nlpmesoon


    There seems to be a WP e-Commerce limitation for handling multiple currencies. Despite trying many settings and many combinations, WP e-Commerce always charges in the default currency and I need to be able to sell in 3 currencies, with 3 different GSTs.

    Each product has been set up as Price 0, Sale price 0, and then an entry for the desired currency eg. NZD 2025.00 or AUDxxxxx, later down the screen the tax rate, then for each variation a price has been set at 2025.00

    I have also set up Store > Settings > General Settings >
    to have no region, no default tax and the currency cannot be defaulted, so it is set to one of the countries. This is the currency that all transactions happen in even if the currency has been set up differently on the product page, it doesn’t matter, it will always work onthe currency default as set on the Store > Settings > General Settings > page.

    Is this a limitation of the product?
    What are the other currency listings for on the product if they do not work?

    I have resorted to trying to have multiple blogs and multiple instances of the WP e-commerce plugin to resolve, but surely I am not the only one?

    I have also tested this on 3.0.1 MU with the same results.

    I have raised this on the WP e-commerce site and despite being a Gold cart support person, I have not had any response.

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