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  • I’m testing wp-e-commerce as a potential solution for a client.

    I can’t find a way to set the displayed order of product categories in the sidebar. Certainly this is possible, but nothing’s becoming apparent to me.

    Also, I can’t get the “drag to a new position” function to work at all so I can’t even sort my products.

    This would make the software unusable to me if I can’t find these solutions. What is the simple solution I’m overlooking?


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  • The solution is WP-Ecommerce is simply not an effective solution for an online store, unless you’re a programmer willing to work out these bugs yourself. It’s come quite a long way – but it simply isn’t there yet.

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    I figured out that It was simply my error in not filtering a category before attempting to sort. I’ll call it a turkey that there’s no mention of needing to filter products first.

    charlls: I’ve read about bugs and poor customer service, but I’ve also read that many developers are having great experiences with this plugin. Do you have a personal experience to add?

    Gabe: Personal experience to date for myself (who wanted to use it for a a client as well as a WPMU startup) is poor at best. The support offered from their site is practically non-existent at best, and even after beating it practically into submission the paypal gateway only works 40% of the time. After trying most every possible combination of this software (their ‘stable’ release with 2.7.1 and 2.8, and their beta release with the two most recent copies of wordpress) this is definitely not something I would offer a paying client.

    I’m fairly new to WordPress but I’ve been on the web since Netscape 2.0 and developing applications for it since PHP 3, so I’m pretty sure I’m not having all these issues out of my own incompetence. But who knows… 🙂

    It’s got promise, but I think some more developers need to be added to the team to make it a reality.

    @charlls & @delayedinsanity Oh please!

    Yeah real programmer hard stuff:

    Check out our latest blog posts to see how much effort we’ve been making recently. Sure we don’t spend much time in the forums but our statement is that they are free forums for people in the community to help each other out. We’re more active in our blog and we also offer paid support to non tin kickers 😉

    The past 6 months of our lives have been spent pretty much optimizing and gearing up WP e-Commerce 3.7 which is the best WordPress e-Commerce solution out!!! I’m not sure if the @charlls has ever dedicated anything quite like that to any cause ever so please take it with a grain of salt.

    Rest assured WP e-Commerce Plugin is trucking 🙂

    @gabe462 go hard with WP e-Commerce mate. Here is my favourite looking WP e-Commerce site and it wasnt made by programmers either:

    I have set up e-commerce numerous times for clients. This has been a great solution to what used to be a real pain in the butt. For store software this is about as easy as it gets. It works well across all environments I’ve installed to and once the client gets the site they love it’s ease of use. Also, I have never had a problem with connecting to paypal.
    So I will say thanks to you guys that developed this great plugin.
    BTW, I am absolutely not affiliated with this plugin in any form.

    Is mocking those who have problems with your plugin really the best way to promote it? Who knows what charlls has dedicated to? Also, I wasn’t saying it takes a programmer to set it up, I was merely stating what I did to say that my problems aren’t because I don’t know how to find the plugins directory.

    I’ve seen it in action, so I know somebodies gotten it to work. I had high hopes for it too, because it looks like a good option, but sadly the only option. However I have not had it work without problems in any environment I’ve set it up in, so I’m giving my honest opinion. I’ve often seen in your forums that Shayne feels the best solution to almost every problem posted is to upgrade either wp ecommerce to a beta copy, or upgrade WordPress to a beta copy.

    From google: BETA – second in order of importance; “the candidate, considered a beta male, was perceived to be unable to lead his party to victory”

    Hardly a solution for anybody running a production environment.

    Frustration and complete and total stubbornness pay off. I got it to work on my Ubuntu development server, going to run it through the sandbox four more times to make a total of ten runs before I say its 100%, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll even change my tune, who knows…

    Is mocking those who have problems with your plugin really the best way to promote it?

    But he does it so well…

    Another nice example of the e-Commerce Plugin for WordPress:

    I’m not mocking you intentionally. I’m letting you know how it is for us. People have to see where we’re coming from (not to mention all the other Plugin developers that also dedicate their money, time and lives to making Plugins). I’m coming from a place where we work on this endlessly and tirelessly so yeah to tell you the truth we’d really like it if you were to change your tune 😉

    Regardless of some old quote (i’m a lover not a fighter) our latest Beta 4 due out tomorrow lunch is our most stable release – that makes it much more stable then many non beta plugins out there and more stable then our 3.6.12 release. So its your call mate.

    @samboll, cheers for that and nice to meet you (you’re a rose amongst thorns ;))

    Best,… Dan

    The support is there…I’m on the forums all day, most days. I do understand that some people have issues, but that can be due to different setups, different servers, different people in the way that they set it up as well.

    It’s a great product.

    Here here!!! Thanks Shayne 😀

    I realize a lot of work goes into these kinds of projects, especially one as involved as wp e-commerce, and you guys deserve a lot of credit for that, especially when most people who do these kind of things have to manage their day jobs too. To be fair, my first foray was with wp2.8 and wpe3.6.12, and my frustration has stemmed from that particular experience.

    I’ll definitely swing by to pick up your latest release, and if all goes well, as I hope it does, I have big plans for wp-e. I’m sure after all this you’ll recognize my name next time you see it, and while I’m sure you won’t be holding your breath waiting for it, I’ll let you know how it goes. 😉

    Cool…definitely give it another shot.

    The release of WP 2.8 caused some issues, but if you’ll go with the latest Development Version of WP ECommerce (found in plugins repository), all issues should be resolved.

    And moving forward, version 3.7 (full release) is going to be HOT!

    You mayyyy have gotten yourselves a convert, the new beta looks great guys. I’ve ran into the same problem I had before though, paypal express running through the sandbox doesn’t complete transactions – wp-e thinks it has but paypal doesn’t.

    I’d love to show you what I mean, I put up a screenshot here: – though I know this is hardly helpful on its own. So if either of you has the time and wants to try it out for debugging, I’ll give you a complete detailed list of my setup and the information for my sandbox test account so you can run through a transaction of your own, and see I’m not just making this up. 😉 I’m not asking for free support, you don’t have to fix my installation for me, I’ll either figure it out or I won’t, but if you want to see for your own reasons, the offers on the table. Just drop me a message.

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