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  • I want to start an eBook store on my site. I’ve installed WP e-commerce and want to use EditionGuard. However, I don’t know where to go from here.

    The top of my admin page says, “WP e-Commerce is ready. If you plan on editing the look of your site, you should update your active theme to include the additional WP e-Commerce files. Click here to ignore and remove this box.” However, I have read the horror stories of people who updated their themes only to find they have lost all of their posts and customizations. I am not even sure if I have any customizations.

    So, I am kind of stuck — do I take the chance and update and risk losing everything, or do I not update? But if I don’t update, it sounds as if the WP e-commerce files won’t be included. Does that mean WP e-commerce is not functional?

    Then I have read about child themes. That sounds like a solution, but the documentation makes it sound so easy, just write this code or that code and insert it here or there. I’m sure that is very easy for someone who knows how to write code, but I do not.

    I don’t mind learning. My site was first on and I learned a lot. I would have stayed with them, but it is not possible to sell eBooks with them.

    Does have any suggestions for me, or is there a paid service for help with such development problems?

    As I said, I don’t mind learning, but I want to get the store up an running. I don’t want to wait until I learn how to write code before I can get started.

    My URL is:

    The host company is Blue Host.

    Thank you for you help and your patience with someone as inexperienced as me.

    Peter Giardina

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