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  • Resolved Jarryd


    The big question is:
    Is this plug-in compatible with WP e-Commerce?

    I can’t use WP Customer Reviews purely because it’s not compatible. Before I even try and potentially waste my time, has this been tested with it?

    Thanks for providing a new review plug-in for us WP devs to try out 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Ian


    This has not been tested specifically with the WP e-Commerce plugin (I assume you are referring to this plugin, correct?).

    What kind of compatibility, specifically, are you looking for? A feature set (such as reviews for individual products) or straight-up, bug-free, compatibility?

    Right now this plugin only allows for site-wide reviews, rather than per-page or per-product reviews. However, in the list of upcoming features, per-product reviews is extremely high (and relatively painless to implement, too!). Expect to see this feature within a week or two, at the latest.

    Yep that’s the plug-in. It’s the most ‘popular’ e-commerce solution (not the best by far, though) so having compatibility would be fantastic (although I’ve read trying to get other plug-ins to work with it is a bit of a nightmare). Shopp, too, while you’re at it 😛

    I basically need to have product reviews for individual products.

    Think of the Apple App Store: There is a an accumulative rating above individual comments for each app, and those comments have their individual ratings displayed as well. If I could have something like that; that would just be epic. Having the option to change the number of ‘stars’ might be helpful too (e.g. X/5, 10, 20) but it’s not something I need at this time, could just be useful in the future.
    Could also be out of your scope too :).

    Those products are tied to a post type ‘wpsc-product’, so as long as you could just apply them to a post ID or post-type or whatever then I would basically be set.

    It’s good to know you are working on it to allow per-product reviews and it’s easy to implement. Can’t wait 😀 Thanks for your feedback!

    Plugin Author Ian


    We are definitely going to have this in an upcoming version! And, it is also fairly easy to change it from a rating out of 5 stars to a rating out of 10, 17, 100, or any number in between (or greater. Except for multiples of Pi.) This should be coming in another version as well!

    Excellent 😀

    Plugin Author Ian


    Per-page reviews (as well as optional review categories) are up as of version 1.3! Make sure to read the new instructions page, as it contains detailed explanations and examples for each of the shortcodes (including the new functionality).

    Awesome 😀

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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