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  • I just spent a couple of days trying to understand this plugin.

    Can i get a little feedback?
    anyone recommend or NOT recommend this plugin?

    I am annoyed that it is not intuitive and has what seems to be a steep learning curve. what i LIKE about WP is that you can start simple and make your site more elaborate as you learn more about it. But this plugin requires you know how all the parts will interact before you can make one thing live. one can’t afford to make any mistakes with commercial websites.

    if you can share any experience one way or another you may save me a lot of time. i may just abandon the idea of using it altogether.


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  • Hi EraserGirl!

    My name is Justin, I’m one of 3 lead developers for the plugin currently, and one of many, many contributing developers to it. It’s the first e-commerce plugin for WordPress that ever saw the light of day – so while it has been innovative in a lot of great ways, it’s also accumulated a lot of technical debt that we’re working on whittling away at.

    I can definitely recommend the plugin, though I might be biased 🙂

    Any e-commerce plugin is going to have some level of configuration required in order for it to work properly. Speaking from experience, a very basic set up shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to configure. If there is anything in the configuration process in general, or for you specifically, that I could help clarify, please don’t hesitate to ask! More than happy to help.

    Hi EraserGirl!,

    customization is bit difficult but its a great plugin with lots of functionalities .

    Hi Justin Sainton,

    if you could help me then it would be my pleasure .


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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