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  1. thejaneellen
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am helping a non-computer friendly friend with her website http://www.shelbilavender.com. We tried the Paypal plugin and lines of code kept showing up. I deactivated it and tried the WP E-commerce plugin. That was a bit of a disaster. Perhaps I shouldn't work on it so late at night. I deactivated that and there is still a product page tab in her navigation bar. I am at a loss. My husband and I are not TOTAL idiots, but clearly there is something I'm missing. Here's what she needs. She sells unique jewelry items so there's just one of each. She needs a price and an add to cart under each in the gallery and a way for buyers to purchase them securely. I thought it would be a fairly simple process. This is her living and she's been unable to sell for almost a week. I simply don't know where to begin at this point. Please advise. And thank you in advance.


  2. Dan Milward
    Posted 4 years ago #

    This is a WordPress thing. Not so much a WP e-Commerce thing.
    In WordPress you can change your menus - you can read more about them here:


  3. Michael Visser
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey Mufasa, maybe you could should look at adding that uninstall script to 3.9? That would remove the WP e-Commerce Pages (e.g. Products Page, Checkout, etc.). I've committed an early patch :)

    Jane, the PayPal Standard gateway works a treat with WP e-Commerce - I only give it my support as I exclusively use it for my own store - what you need to do is create a new Product with a Stock Quantity of 1. You can manually add Products from the Products > Add Product menu under WordPress Administration then 'quick-update' the stock quantity of items from the Manage Products screen.

    Raise a suppport topic over on GetShopped.org. It's where we hang out and help each other. Hope this helps! :)

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