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  • This is an awesome plugin, but i think my theme’s styles are over-riding the plugin’s. i cant get the + and – images and lines to show. you dont need the WP-Scriptaculous for that, do you? i can get the text colors i want to show through the plugin just fine, and the menu expands fine if you click on the words, but i really wanted the expand images, so that you can tell a category expands. does anyone have any ideas?

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  • In case anyone is having the same problem i found the problem. for some reason the image paths it was looking for were wrong.
    this section in dtree.php

    this.icon = {
    		root		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/base.gif',
    		folder		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/folder.gif',
    		folderOpen	: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/folderopen.gif',
    		node		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/page.gif',
    		empty		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/empty.gif',
    		line		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/line.gif',
    		join		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/join.gif',
    		joinBottom	: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/joinbottom.gif',
    		plus		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/plus.gif',
    		plusBottom	: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/plusbottom.gif',
    		minus		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/minus.gif',
    		minusBottom	: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/minusbottom.gif',
    		nlPlus		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/nolines_plus.gif',
    		nlMinus		: '<?php echo $curdir; ?>/dtree-img/nolines_minus.gif'

    sent it to just /dtree-img/nolines_minus.gif etc. so i manually added the full paths and it works 🙂

    Thank you. I hadn’t noticed since I don’t have icons activated myself. I’ll make sure to add your fix.

    I had exactly this problem on my installation too. When I checked the dtree.php file I noted that the addresses to the images were as mentioned above. By right clicking on the missing image and viewing the URL it showed as the following example – http://dtree-30/image.jpg.
    I tried adding in an additional forward slash at the beginning which failed, as taking all the forward slashes away which also failed.
    So for a temporary fix I pasted the entire URL in for each of images. This now works perfectly but it does mean that the images are relative rather than local.
    I wonder if the solution is simpler than this and perhaps something to do with having a leading dot[ ../]?

    As you’ve probably seen in the code, $curdir = $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SERVER_NAME'] . dirname($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['PHP_SELF']

    Obviously one or both of these server settings are not set (or they’re wrong), but I have no idea why they wouldn’t be. There might be a better (more reliable) way of achieving the same thing – if you know any, please let me know.

    Otherwise, you might want to send you host this info (that those variables are unavaliable/undefined or whatever). Perhaps it’s a configuration issue and they can work it out at their end, or provide us with a better solution.

    I do have an idea why these settings are not set. It’s quite simple, really. Take a look at the PHP manual: $HTTP_SERVER_VARS is deprecated. The line in question should look like this:

    $curdir = "http://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);

    Come on, ulfben, you need to update this deprecated part of your code. I’ve had to change $curdir in both versions you’ve released….

    bhamptonmuffin – consider contributing your fixes in the future.

    Zarquod – thanks for the info! I’ve updated the plugin now. It seems your suggestion also fixes the issue of wp-dtree hanging in IE. Atleast on my test page and in IE6. 🙂

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