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    To whom it may concern i have a problem with wp drop down admin bar. i have Priimo theme installed, and whenever i go to my website this black line of admin bar is all the time there, i know that anybody can see it, are there any way of swithching it off or delatting it without harm, by the way i tried dalate it(the container) in wp admin php file, afterwards this line dissapeared but when whenever i go to my admin bar it did not worked at all. Pls guys if you can help me, i would have been so grateful for you, i am writing this issue a lot, but nobady is answering me, there should be a way of dealing with it , i know, but how to find it ?
    my web site is
    Look forward to hear from you soon
    best wishes Kanat

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  • You can use this plugin

    GD Press Tools

    Go to Module options of the plugin and you can control if you want to show or hide the wp-admin for the admin or other user levels.

    Mohdrafie thank you for your reply, i did what you said, and installed GD Press Tools, form adnimistration bar switched off the admin bar, and when i load my website viad mozila firefox, the bar seems not appear, but when i go to my website via internet explorer or google hrome it is again there ((((. I am so upset, why it might be ???

    See below for the right setting which I use:


    again thank you very much for your help Mohdrafie, but the screenshot which you sen me i think is available in payable versions of GD press, i am using just free version, the most similar think which i have is in the integration and administration panel, and i do not have other than that, i am sorry

    That’s a bit weird.

    Anyway, you might want to try this one as well:

    WP Admin Bar Removal

    wow that is cool future, it did delates the admin bar, but the thing is that , when i logged in , i cannot log out ))))))), i do not understand why this version of wordpress become so problematic.

    What you need to do now is go to your admin backend

    and log out from there 😉

    P/s: Kindly mark this as resolved. Cheers!

    i am sorry mohdrafie, but i can not log off , caus i went to wp-admin, there no such a thing or writing which says log off, i think WP Admin Bar Removal delate all the wp bar, so i just can not log off, from my admin, i close the browser and then when i open it, and write my domain and wp-admin it is automatically there because it is not logged off, are there any thing that will be not so problematic?

    Tnank you a lot Mohdrafie. Right know it works , hurray

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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