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  • Currently I am using WP 2.6. I downloaded wp-door, installed it, and activated it. Once I logged out and tried to log back in I discovered my site was not accessible through IE 8 Beta 2 or Safari. By inaccessible I mean my index, home page, was not visable and a message stating site does not exist was received. It was not until I deleted the plugin through my FTP uploader due to the fact I could not log in that I was able to resolve the problem.

    It is my hope that more stringent quality standards are put in place before a plugin is available for download by users of WordPress.

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  • rjeevan



    I’ve created this plug-in for a Adult Site, and it’s still in use…
    Tested with Mozilla Firefox, Safari & Opera browsers…

    also, This plug-in uses wp-redirect() which is using PHP function, so there won’t be any browser issue…

    You can check the installed site, be advice its an adult site:

    If you need any help, let me know i will see what i can do…


    Has anyone been able to get this plug in to work (at least with Firefox or IE)? I’ve upgraded and beat it and I still can’t find the /door index the plug-in can’t find. Tried back programming the tnalist linked to and no luck. Basically it gives me (myURL)/door.php?return=/&e=3600 and won’t allow access to the site.

    I’m sure there’s simply something simple I have to add to make it work, but it doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere WHAT that is. This plug in does NOT work if all you do is activate it. There is additional programming required, and I’m not sure what that additional programming is.

    Okay, after committing myself to making this work today, I discovered what needs to be done to get this to function for me. The door.php and door-options.php files need to be uploaded to you main directory not with the plug in. So once you download the plug in unzip and pull those files separately and then upload them with a FTP to your main directory outside of your WP directory. Example, if you website is, then they should be at and not where the WP plugins would normally be uploaded. That didn’t seem to be covered/documented anywhere.


    Thanks for the fix… It should be fairly easy to modify the doorway page now that the script works. Thanks a million!


    One additional note… Keep the door-options.php file in the plugin directory so you can access the settings from within the WP admin pages… The door.php is the only file that needs to be put out in the root wp directory… or sub directory.


    This plugin is working like a charm on my 2.7.1 blog. Yes, upload the door.php file to your root directory for this plugin to work. I found that door.php was very easy to customize to fit the look of my blog.

    Thank you for this plug.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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