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  • Owdy


    Im using Godaddy linux web server and installed Wp in there. WP doesnt send passwords after registeration. If i choose password reminder for that user, that email i get just fine. Any ideas how to fix this?

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  • vachi


    it could be that godaddy is restricting php generated emails
    maybe contact them

    if this is not the reason, than make a test wp install and see f that one works, if it does than you should reinstall your WP



    Try installing this plugin:

    New User Email Set Up

    You can set it up so that it email’s the newly registered user their:

  • user name
  • email
  • password
  • and/or your:

  • site url
  • blog name
  • login url
  • Hope this helped.



Thanks bheesham, now everuthing works!

This plugin didn’t work. It still didn’t send the message. Anyone else not receiving e-mails with this plugin?

I spent almost two days, solving this problem successfully. Above solution didn’t work, I tried every possible solution including checking if php mail() is enabled or not or adding the int() to config.php, nthing worked. OK here is my solution:
1- Install WP Mail SMTP from here
2- Set a mail on your own server like
3- in Plugin setting try to use SMTP instead of PHP mail
4- my test on Gmail was unsuccessful, that’s why I recommend you using your own mail
5- any setting with SSL or TLS was unsuccessful, so I used “No encryption”.
6- there are several available SMTP ports for me only 80 worked.

Good luck

Download this plug in and specify the SMTP host as .

I have got windows hosting with Godaddy and installed plug-in as suggested. Test email still won’t go through. I have my host set to:
and my username password which I am able to login with. Any help would be appreciated

I posted an article on this issue in my blog. The instructions are for Windows hosting accounts, but I hope it helps:


I was having same problem. There is nothing wrong with WordPress scripts nor with Contact Form Plugin. Its all with your localhost setting in C-panel.

Its all due to MXentry setting problem in your website c-panel.
[link moderated]

Thanks, this helped me out greatly.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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