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    Hi- Just started using WP in Dec. Made a basic site, and now am going back to work more on it. I went to log in at the page I bookmarked for logging in, and it doesn’t recognize my username. I’ve typed in the username and password I recorded, as well as any possible username’s I could think that I might have used, and none of them work! I have no idea how to use PHPmyAdmin, because on my host, it wants me to install it but I don’t know where to do so. SOOO frustrated!!

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  • You isntall PhpMyAdmin by just uploading it with FTP and then modifying the config file with your database information, that will enable you to see your username.

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    That’s NOT how you install phpMyAdmin for most sites. Don’t listen to Ganners just yet. If your host wants you to install it, then work DIRECTLY with them on how to do that. You’re going to need more specific support than we could give you.

    My host already has PHPmyAdmin on their site. When I click on it, it asks me where I’d like to install it. However, it says not to put it in a public folder or secure folder, but in the list, all the folders are public, or secure.

    I’d love to use the lost password feature, but it doesn’t recognize my username for some reason

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    treje – Contact your host directly for help. Seriously. You need them to help you install it first. And you are going to want this going forward. It will make your life much easier.

    I’ll try this lpstenu


    You isntall PhpMyAdmin by just uploading it with FTP and then modifying the config file with your database information,

    You can not install PhpMyAdmin using ftp as that is program installed on server by the server host.

    @treje have you tried lost password from log in page to reset your password.

    I’ve tried this several times, but it claims my username is invalid

    my username is admin, if I am correct. That’s what I wrote down when I first set up the site.

    Are hosting hosting with yahoo by chance as I had one client who was hosting with yahoo and had to install PhpMyAdmin in folder

    No, it’s a company called easywebpublishing. And you all are much more knowledgeable than the tech I’m chatting with! He hasn’t responded to me since my first response to his statement! What should I name this when I install the PHP? This tech guy is useless. His response is to put it in the public folder and “kindly call this directory as you wish it does not matter”

    In your root folder (do not know what it could be public_html or html )create folder and then install PhpMyAdmin in that folder make sure you do not install anything else in that folder.

    Okay, installed PHPMyAdmin. I’m looking at wp_users. The user_login and user_pass both seem to be blank. Where should the user name and password be located?

    Would it be under the column that says “default”?

    you mean you do not have any users in wp_users there should be one for admin and usually is Id 1

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