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  • I’m trying a restore, so I copied my wp directories to my own computer, backed up the database, copied that, and used phpmyadmin to import it into my local mysql. I changed the wp-config settings to match — I think! — my local setup.

    One possibly complicating factor: I have temporarily changed my local settings so that my domain ( points to local /home/me/www. The idea is that then I can test things without having to change all the links.

    Everything sort of works, except that when I go to my restored local site, I’m presented with the install screen. When I change define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); to the actual name (snowy) I get a message about “error connecting to database”.

    So it seems that wordpress is seeing MySQL, but not any of the contents.

    Why did that happen? How do I fix it?

    (P.S. I tried to post this question yesterday, but when I came back it said it didn’t exist. I’m trying again. Sorry if this is a double post!)

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  • One thing I tried was just hitting the “Install” button for the hell of it. Since it wasn’t working no matter what I did, what did I have to lose?

    Turns out that you install a “new” blog to restore an old blog. I mean, obviously. Who wouldn’t know that? :rollseyes:

    Once you have a new wp install, then copy over your wp-config.php and contents/ folder. (Change wp-config as needed if your new setup requires it.) That gets you your blog back except for the posts, comments, etc. Then you go to Tools and Import, and import the .xml file that you exported from your site. (Or use phpmyadmin to tell mysql to import a .sql backup, but that’s more complicated.)

    And then you have your blog back.

    A suggestion to WordPress developers and codex writers: either make a note about restoring an integral part of the “install” page, or make it very clear in the instructions that this is how it works. This whole thing was many hours of totally unnecessary aggro.

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