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  • fouldsy99


    When using WP Rocket with WP Discuz and enabling mobile cache, this remove the comments on each page. You only see the comments on mobile if you keep refreshing the page.

    If you remove the mobile cache, it then works, but i need to use the mobile cache feature.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi @fouldsy99,

    If you remove the mobile cache, it then works, but i need to use the mobile cache feature.

    As you already mentioned in the above post the issue comes from the cache, so in this case, we can’t provide any solution for you.
    We just suggest you to contact with the WP Rocket plugin support and ask them this question.


    From our experience, WP Rocket caching features should not be used with pages using wpDiscuz. Otherwise, wpDiscuz page commenting and live features will not work properly.

    WP Rocket has a settings section titled “Advanced Rules.” Go to the sub-section titled “Never Cache URL(s)” and enter the URL of the page(s) using wpDiscuz. This should solve your problem. Click here for details.


    It would be great if gVectors can update their knowledge base to include above information.



    Additional info: If you’re using any other caching plugin or CDN (e.g., Cloudflare) you should also deactivate their caching feature for pages using wpDiscuz.

    With Cloudflare, for example, you can create a Page Rule with the following settings:

    Always Online: ON
    Security Level: Medium
    Cache Level: Bypass

    Hope this helps you further.





    I use as well WP Rocket and Cloudflare on my Website. But excluding Comments on e.g. Blog Posts / Pages from Caching like WP Rocket / Cloudflare make no sense as particular Blog Posts with Images should be cached for performance reasons…

    Is there a other way to get WP Discuz compatible with Caching?


    Hi @sallyruchman,

    I agree with you. Yes, cache is bypassed for the whole page, not just the comments section of the page. Solution provided above is conservative but at least gets all of wpDiscuz’ functions to work properly.

    Because we use WP Rocket, SG Optimizer, and Cloudflare, it makes sense for wpDiscuz Support to advise how to bypass cache only for their plugin (i.e., comments section).

    I looked everywhere in this forum and wpDiscuz’ for a solution and couldn’t find any. Did search around?

    I will post this issue on the wpDiscuz forum (preferred communication method as requested by wpDiscuz Support) for a response.

    Upon receipt, will post solution here to close the loop.



    Closing the loop on this. Click here for status on this issue.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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