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  • Hi All,

    Has anyone else ever used this wp directory pro? We purchased it a month ago, they’ve taken payment but not sent the plug-in or replied to our emails.

    Wondering if anyone else has had bad experiences?


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    If you go by the replies in this thread, it doesn’t sound good.

    Can you tell us what this WP Directory Pro does? Maybe we can find a free alternative for you.

    Thanks for the reply, I’ll check those out in a mo.

    It’s to create a members directory area

    We need to create a place people can sign up, enter data we specify name, address, company name, categories. Upload a logo. Have membership types if ideally. The directory can then be searched by company name or category

    Any thoughts on the above are much appreciated!

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    Have you considered trying BuddyPress? It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but I think it might be close enough to work with.


    Thanks again macmanx, I’ll look into that and see if I can adapt it to my needs with the extensions they list

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    You’re welcome, and good luck!

    Incase others stumble across this. I’ve now chased the wp directory pro people for over a month now and not had any replies.

    I would avoid this company at all costs. It’s unfair other people should suffer and be diddled out of $39!

    I wish I found this thread first.

    I also purchased this 2 weeks ago and received zero response from the owner after being unable to download the plugin due to some error.

    I contacted support, sent various emails, nothing!

    Contacted moneybookers and they refunded my money after 5 days.


    I bought it awhile ago when the owner was paying attention. I think he had some family tragedies that stopped development and I assume he’s ignoring the project for now. That’s a shame, but that’s how it goes sometimes. However, taking money and not providing a product/service is not acceptable.

    I haven’t implemented the software in my site yet and now that 3.0 is out, I’m thinking of using custom post types to accomplish the same thing assuming it doesn’t slow down db performance.



    You could try this plugin…

    It does not yet match the feature set of WP Directory Pro, but every plugin release brings it a step closer.


    Disclaimer: Yes I’m the plugin author.

    I too purchased the WPDIRECTORYPRO…. Luckily, I was able to download it. However, I have not received a reply to any of my support request emails. He has deactivated his support form, so the buyers can not even search for answers ourselves.

    I purchased WPPRO and downloaded it & installed it, but it has some bugs I can get rid off.

    For example when I install the plugin it automatically creates a page (/directory) where the directory is shown, however – all my other pages then fail to load, if i click on news for example the URL changes but the homepage is show.

    Also, if I edit the /directory page with SEO tags or text then it not longer works, only the shortcode is shown.

    If anyone knows how to fix this that would be a great help!



    Yeah, I have no replies either. So I’m gonna make it better and offer to everyone – in a legal way if it’s possible.

    I have had to deactivate WPDirectoryPro after installing the latest version of WP 3.1.1

    When active, it interrupts the ability to post images to articles and posting of articles themselves. When deactivated, all is well! HELP!

    We had hundreds of directory entries and noe have no directory! Considering a monthly subscription service that offers a directory hosted off site as well as one hosted on our servers.


    Yes, mobile, here too.

    I already got it working (kinda), as soon as I get it fully functional, i will post it here.

    If anyone needs any help, contact me at

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