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  • Checking my plugins today I saw the notification, “There is a new version of WP-PostViews Widget available. Download version 2.20 here or upgrade automatically.”

    When I clicked on upgrade automatically it said that the upgrade was successful, but both the widget and the base plugin had disappeared.

    When I reinstalled 1.2 the message reappeared so I clicked on the “Download version 2.20 here” link I was brought to the wp-dbmanager page.

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  • I had similar case. In my case it said that upgrade was not successful and there was error in DBManager plugin, and then both plugin WP-PostViews and widget had been removed.


    All current versions of my plugins will not work with the automatic upgrade. The newer ones, *.30 will be release on 1st June 2008 and it will work then.

    DBManager 2.20 has been around since October 2007. It probably a glitch with WordPress Plugins System

    i’ve the same problem but with wp-downloadmanager widget, and if i download it delete the folder for downloadmanager and replace the file for wp-dbmanager.

    The reason why it will not work is because of the path as the plugin path for the current version is /dbmanager/ and not /wp-dbmanager/. But I have since fixed it for the new version to be /wp-dbmanager/

    The main gist of this post is as the original title states, wp-dbmanager is showing as an upgrade for wp-postViews Widget. This is a separate issue to the automatic upgrades.
    wp=dbmanager is also showing as an upgrade for wp-PostRatings widget.
    The current version of wp-postrating widget is 1.20, however in the plugins list it says there is a new version (2.20)available. When you click on the link “download version 2.20 here”, it takes you to the wp-dbmanager page. (This is even if you don’t choose automatic upgrade).
    I don’t know how the system works that lets a plugin know when there is a new version available, but both wp-postratings widget and wp-postviews widget seem to think that they are actually wp-dbmanager.

    Are you all on WP 2.3.* or WP 2.5?

    I have the same issue but with postrating….my WordPress version is 2.3.3
    At this point i would suggest the developer to take into consideration that this is not a glitch at all. too many people are reporting the same issue! I hope it will be able to solve the issue asap!

    I did not update my plugin since October 2007 (I only update the trunk). So if there should not be any update at all.

    This issue has already been address in the latest version of my plugins and most of it will not work with WP 2.3.3 as WP 2.3.3 is going to get phrased out.

    If you are using/going to upgrade to WP 2.5, you can download the plugin here,

    I have noticed in other forums that people are getting the same problem with other plugins (ie saying there is an update when there isn’t ) so maybe it is a wider (ie WordPress) problem, and not neccessarily related to your plugins.
    I only use the postratings widget in my blog running on 2.5 (where the problem is), I haven’t tested to see if it is the same with 2.3.3

    @alternateroute Did it show any updates to the plugin?

    Hi, i wanted to report the same problem. I ve seen in my CP that Postviews had a new version and clicked the automatic upgrade. After upgrade the plugin dissapeared.
    Then i went and download the plugin again and activate it manually. As i clearly see now it says “There is a new version of WP-PostViews Widget available. Download version 2.20 here or upgrade automatically.” but ONLY for the Postviews widget.
    But the link leads to WP-dbmanager instead of WP-Postviews.

    Not a big deal, the plugin works perfectly in WP 2.5 but a novice user may gets frustrated.


    Here ‘s also a screenshot that may help you, see the link on the status bar.

    @deuced thanks for the screenshot. Let see when I release updates for my plugins in June will fix this issue. Thanks for the screenshot once again.

    also shows automatic wp-downloads widget update to wp-dbmanager 2.20 but everything else works fine 😉

    Why are you waiting till June to fix this?

    The bug is now not in the future. Frankly you should be fixing this instead of waiting for more people to have these issues.

    I am at a point now to just delete your plugins until you decide to fix them. I have users that are constantly trying to update your plugins only to cause more trouble then it’s worth.

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