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  • WP-DBManager version 2.79 installed

    WP-DBManager created a backup as scheduled 3 days ago and emailed it to me. this has been working great for months.

    When i logged in i notice a bunch of errors:

    "Your backup folder is NOT writable
    To correct this issue, make the folder /hermes/bosnaweb06a/b2403/nf.redsofamultimediacom/public_html/ writable.
    Your backup folder MIGHT be visible to the public
    To correct this issue, move the file from /hermes/bosnacweb02/bosnacweb02cl/b2403/nf.redsofamultimediacom/public_html/ to /hermes/bosnaweb06a/b2403/nf.redsofamultimediacom/public_html/
    To correct this issue, move the file from /hermes/bosnacweb02/bosnacweb02cl/b2403/nf.redsofamultimediacom/public_html/ to /hermes/bosnaweb06a/b2403/nf.redsofamultimediacom/public_html/
    Click here to let WP-DBManager try to fix it"

    WP-DBManager wasn’t able to fix the issue on its own.
    I clicked on Manage backup and all backups are gone.
    I looked at my backup-db folder and it’s empty.

    is my only solution now to re-install the plugin?

    All my website data is ok.


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  • Plugin Author Lester Chan


    I don’t think re-installing the plugin will help. It seems that your folder /hermes/bosnaweb06a/b2403/nf.redsofamultimediacom/public_html/ is not CHMOD to 777. CHMOD it to 777 and see try to let WP-DBManager fix it. Right now the folder is missing or the plugin doesn’t have permission to write to it and hence it can’t do anything.

    Hello Lester Chan,

    I really enjoy this plugin. particularly as I am working on edits for a project or have to restore “activated” plugins during testing.

    I am having two (2) interesting issues that began in October 2017.

    1) – I have backups that are email ed to me, but when I go to the “backup-db” folder there are no backups beyond October or November 2017.

    2) – In some cases I make a manual backup and the next day the backup(s) are gone.


    FYI –

    1) – My websites are hosted on C-Panel between either PHP 5.6 to 7.0

    2) – I noticed that the CHMOD settings were “750”.

    But I also have some websites where that CHMOD of “750” is working just fine for the “backup-db” folder

    3) – The emails I receive from C-Panel NOW say something like ” {Virus?} Website | Database Backup File ” .

    4) – Some websites are doing just fine, and my security plugins are the same on all the sites.


    Seems to be a real “hit-and-miss” for what websites this phenomenon is occurring on.

    The ONLY common denominator is that the email notification have been getting flagged as ” {Virus?} Website | Database Backup File ” .


    Please let me know IF this is a C-Panel issue, and what you suggest concerning any security settings.

    Or if there are any “known plugin conflicts” with DB Manager.

    This just started happening in October 2017.

    Thanks in advance.

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