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  • I’ve posted this over at Skippy’s, but have received no reply in weeks.

    When I use the the wp-db-backup.php plugin on a multi-prefixed database, I’m able to see both the core tables as well as all the additional tables in the database. Maybe a matter of opinion when it comes to security on showing those additional tables, but the fact that my core tables won’t show up on many of these blogs has me puzzled.

    Some blogs (multi-prefixed or not) work great with this plugin, others do not as I’m unable to see the core tables needed to be backed up. In all instances, I’m able to see the additional tables.

    Any ideas on how this could be fixed? I’m comfortable enough to edit out the code showing the additional tables, but I can’t for the live of me figure out how to show the core….


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  • I’ve had similar issues, the ‘back-up’ .sql file only contained data up to a certain point in my options table, of course I thought it was the particular row that was causing it, but after removing it and all that, still no avail.

    I’ve looked throw the script and my server logs and I haven’t found anything obviously out of place. I’ve switched to the WP-DBManager plugin by GaMerZ and it has worked perfectly so far, much more straigth forward and to the point than the default back-up plugin and of course, it backs everything up. He also seems to be very active in supporting his plugins, so if you ran into issues with it, I’m sure help would be easy to find.

    Good luck,

    Cool, thanks – I’ll take a look. Too bad it doesn’t create the backup folder automatically – I wonder how easy it would be modify?

    You mean in the WP-DBManager plugin? I haven’t the foggiest as I haven’t dug through it yet. If you run into issues, like I said, it seems the creator is very active in supporting his creations, I’m sure he’d be able to help you out if you run into problems.


    The creator did take a look at my site as well as a few other sites I had that were running it. He was unable to find a solution to my problem….

    Just a comment on Skippy’s plugin – if I just backed up the core tables, I had no problem. However, when I added the other tables I could back up, the backup never seemed to complete. One of the plugins I use keeps a table of stats which at this time is almost 10MB in size. It seemed to hang on that table. I just tried with GaMerZ’s dbmanager and it completed smoothly.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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