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  • I read the current thread on wp-db-backup issues but mine seems to be different and more bizarre. I activated version 1.7 easily. I seem to have been either prompted or gone to an Admin area to tell it what to backup. I even selected to have it email to me. This was on 8/29/5.

    I go back today, hoping to see why nothing was emailed to me. I can’t find any Options area or Admin area for this plugin. Am I in the twilight zone?

    I looked on my server in the wordpress directory and found two 71 MB files, one called core.1989 and one called core.2336. Are these files somehow associated with the backup plugin?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, lost in the twilight zone jim

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  • Those are almost certainly core dumps.

    What have you selected to back up?
    Can you execute that backup selection manually, delivered directly to your browser?

    I didn’t select anything but the defaults. I can’t execute the backup because I don’t see any Admin function to get me to it. Should I delete the wp-db-backup file from my server and put back a new copy?


    The backup control panel will be at Options -> Backup, and is accessible only to users with a user level of 10.

    I deactivated the plugin, then deleted the file, then uploaded another file, and then activated t he plugin. No Options->Backup when I am in as Admin.

    Whoops! Sorry, the backup link will be at Manage -> Backup.

    Just put up a new copy of version 1.7 and activated the plugin. I still don’t see anything under Manage or Options.

    Are you using WordPress 1.5.2?
    Do you have any other plugins activated?
    What operating system is the server using?
    Are there any interesting items being recorded in your web server’s error log?
    What browser are you using on which platform?
    Do you have javascript enabled in your browser?

    Skippy, sorry for all the trouble.
    I am using WP 1.5.2. The server is Linux. The plugins I use are (probably too many):
    o Gallery Manager
    o Spam Karma 2 – Reloaded
    o Bad Behavior
    o Bad Behavior Stats
    o Blog Copyright
    o Category Levels
    o Count My Clicks
    o Email Immunizer
    o Flashfader
    o Get Recent Comments
    o GetWeather
    o Search Hilite
    o Include Page
    o Lazy Gallery
    o CJD Notepad
    o Notes
    o PHP Exec
    o Plugins Used
    o Cronless Postie
    o Postie
    o Preserve Code Formatting
    o Redirectify
    o Simple Cache
    o Simple Asides
    o Simpsons Quote J
    o Spam Karma 2 Stats
    o Spelling Checker
    o SRG Clean Archives
    o Theme Switcher
    o Witty Text
    o WP Admin Bar 2
    o WP-Advanced-Stats-Recorder
    o WP-Advanced-Stats-Viewer
    o WP-ContactForm
    o WP-Cron Gravatar Cache
    o WP-Cron-Mail
    o WP-Cron Moderation
    o WP-Cron Reminder
    o WP-Cron
    o WordPress Database Backup
    o List Manager
    o WPicasa
    No real interesting things in the error log that I can see. I’m using FireFox and it must have js enabled because I have the flashfader plugin installed and it works.

    I hope this helps.

    That is an awful lot of plugins!

    Is it at all possible for you to de-activate most or all of those plugins, and then just activate wp-db-backup, to make sure that it works?

    Alternately, install a second WordPress blog, using a different table prefix, in a sub-directory of your current site strictly for testing purposes. This will help us confirm whether it’s a server issue, or something to do with your specific blog.

    Finally, I don’t know what “WP Admin Bar 2” is, but if I had to pick a plugin that might be causing a problem, that would be my first guess.

    I wouldn’t think its the WP Admin Bar 2 causing the problems.
    I use a fair bit of plugins, probably too many as well. One of them is the WP Admin Bar 2 and I have wp-db-backup running just fine. I had 1.6 running and just uploaded 1.7 and both work just fine.
    I set it up to email me a daily database backup and they come with no issues.
    Its a great plugin.

    Skippy, the WP Admin Bar 2 is a plugin that adds an admin bar to your blog when you are logged in and not actively in the admin panel. It adds liks to common tasks like write, logout, etc.

    Its a pretty nifty plugin. [url=]WP Admin Bar 2[/url]

    This is what it looks like

    [url=]Screen shot[/url]

    Okay, thanks Vryce. I has assumed it did some jiggery-pokery to the admin interface’s menu bar.

    skippy: Are there instructions for setting up a “test” wordpress blog that will co-exist with the real one?

    If this is easy, I’ll do it.
    Thank you, jim

    I guess I lucked out. I found the offending plugin on the second one I chose to deactivate -> CJD Notepad (at Once I deactivated it, the Manage-Backup option appeared. Maybe you two authors can put your heads together and discuss.

    I’m keeping the backup plugin activated because I need that feature now more than the Notepad.
    Thank you, jim

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