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  1. jeff00seattle
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I am using WP Migrate DB Pro and it is good in doing its job. However, my site is getting big, 20 MBs of schema+data, and will get bigger.

    My system admin, not knowing much about WordPress, wants me to provide him only changes (updates on schema+data) to WP Database so that he can merge with production, and not the entire dump whereby he has to completely replace the DB in production.

    He does have a point, that by providing only updates, merges are fast and easier to rollback/isolate if there is an issue.

    Advise on this issue?


    Jeff in Seattle

  2. Advice: Get drunk.

    Seriously. It's not that its impossible, http://crowdfavorite.com/ramp/ does that pretty well, but it's not EASY because (sadly) WordPress doesn't make it easy.

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