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  • My dashboard is too slow to load pages, I have just over 3K pages. When I try to edit or create anew page it takes about 3 minutes to load the template to create the page and it take about 40 seconds for every letter I can no longer create pages. After speaking with the hosting company for few days, they have giving up on solving the problem. We have removed all plugins, we have optimize the database, we have installed the W 2 Total cache I’ve installed and ran the DBManager plugin, Check with my ISP provider. I don’t know what else to try. The dashboard worked fine with the same amount of records as of last week, it only started after an export and import of the database since then I can’t add any pages unless I’m willing to spend several hours per page. If any one has any suggestions I would love to hear them and all your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Telmo Bermeo
    By the way the website is and it loads super fast.

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