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    it has been a while that my WP dashboard does not show any updates for the plugins. I contacted my hosting support and they said they cannot help with this issue. I manually installed latest version of WordPress and disables all the plugins and still the issue remains unsolved.

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  • Francisco


    Hi @earnetadmin

    If you want all plugins up to date, I recommend you to enable the auto-updates in the Plugins option; last column of the table. Here is a screenshot.

    If you don’t see any update message for plugins installed, did you check in the plugin page there is an update available? If so, then I suggest contacting the plugin author.

    Good luck

    Good day wishes!

    I had to spend tons of time on fixing the problem with my site (had to be totally reloaded, due to some technical problem was lost.) I thought I lost all content, after fixing it by it turned out that my content doesn’t come up. Its empty space, all choices are gone.
    I am not techie person (writer and artsy) spent on it endless hours and I am desperate why is that. Still, checking various of places ramdomly, seems all my writing still exit, at least that…
    My articles are usually longer, with pictures, music, lots of translation ( I speak 6 languages, so I am busy…)
    I would be eternally thankful for help and being able to sleep again.
    I am a widow and now writing is really [my life]
    Best regards,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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