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  • Good day,

    My site looks fine. Changing to popular or default themes also look just fine.

    The dashboard, however, looks like it’s lost it’s CSS… it’s a very long, boring html-looking jumble with the formatting gone out the window.

    Yesterday I updated my Lunar Pages server to PHP 5.
    I then updated WordPress via automatic-update to the latest 3.2

    All seemed well and I worked in both the admin and viewed the site externally. Today, after booting up for a new day of work I notice the administrative dashboard in WordPress looks messed up.

    Only two plugins: Akismet and Hello Dolly (no idea where that came from). Deactivated both – no change.

    MySQL and PHP according to Cpanel are above the new requirements stated for WP 3.2

    I’ve not updated other WP blogs on the same server. They’re still on previous WP version and the dashboards appear to display correctly. Only this freshly updated one is showing the issue.

    Thank you for any help you can offer.

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  • Unfortunately, no-go.

    FTP’ed new installation entirely after FTP’ing just the root files, admin, etc. Neither changed results.

    My dashboard is a mess with the lack of CSS and not sure if I’m going to be left to my own devices or if this will have a professional geek that finds a solution. If it’s up to me I may have to either bomb it back to some earlier version and if that’s too difficult – switch to something else as I can’t be without this particular online presence for long.

    So, on that note – if anyone has a suggestions I’m a willing guinea pig but of limited technical expertise.

    Not sure what/why/when/who/how but logging-in just now the dashboard is fine.

    It wasn’t fine this morning or most of the day, the computer was on, Firefox and Safari were loaded and reloaded, cleared cache, etc. etc.

    No idea what magically started to work? My confidence level would improve if I knew that answer but I’m happy it’s currently holding together.

    Thanks for the help – I’ll hope the voodoo keeps holding.

Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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