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  • Hello, I recently had an attack on my .htaccess file which caused it to add the “” after my address, thereby redirecting itself without going to the correct address.

    I managed to fix the problem, but in the process something went wrong and my website doesn’t work. That is the least of my troubles for the moment as the WP dashboard itself is not functional. I tried un-installing and re-installing WP, but nothing seems to help 🙁

    Can anybody please help me and let me know what I should do? I’d be really grateful! I am attaching a screenshot of what the dashboard looks like:

    My resulting website from the problem:

    I use Hostgator as my hosting site

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  • I cannot be sure, but if you are seing raw php code you may have accidentally removed the opening php tag? If you’re not a programmer, it would have looked like:

    //then your code here...

    php code is never displayed like that. It gets parsed first before it ever gets to the browser when done correctly. May I ask exactly what you did when you fixed the problem? You may have done enough, that’s why I ask.

    Hi racer x,

    I only replaced the corrupt .htaccess file with a clean one and did not touch any other file.
    I also just checked the php tag and it is not different from what you have written.

    That looks like a core WordPress file since it deals with the native help tab info. The main issue is that if your htaccess file was altered then hackers would have had access to many other files and they usually screw with those as well as add files or even plugins(you won’t even see these plugins in your dashboard). You may need to do an update to replace the core files and then see if there’s any other theme/plugin damages via ftp.

    Check all your index files and such also. Many times, the index files are just blanks so people can’t browse the directory. If you see anything like base64 you know it’s corrupt.

    Best of luck.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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