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  • Hello,

    I have installed and setup WP-Cycle on WP 2.8.6 (using Firefox) and although I can get the first image to display I cannot get it to cycle (it just stays int he same image!

    I am pretty sure I have setup everything OK and I can’t seem to find any similar problems with anyone else.

    I have checked that JavaScript it enabled.

    The only thing i can think of is that the jQurey is conflicting with something else but the only other plugin I have at the moment is ‘menu manager’ which I have disabled and still it doesn’t work!!!

    Can anyone help me at all …?

    Here is the link to the page:

    And here is a screen shot of the plugin setting on my WP:

    Many thanks – Jack

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  • Hi Jack,
    Did you ever get to the bottom of this?
    I have exactly the same issue at the moment with the WP-Cycle plugin.
    It shows up ok, but doesn’t rotate.
    regards, Si

    Having the same problem on wp2.9.2


    I had the same problem as you guys, did you all add wp-cycle to your page by php code? Because you have to add ONLY this code:
    <?php wp_cycle(); ?>
    If you did it like this:

    <div id="slideshow>
      <?php wp_cycle(); ?>

    Then that’s the problem. Because the wp-cycle plugin adds the div around the images by itself. So if you put the div around the wp-cycle plugin by yourself, your source will look like this:

    <div id="slideshow>
      <div id="slideshow>
        <?php wp_cycle(); ?>

    And ofcourse that will not work. So just put the <?php wp_cycle(); ?> and nothing else, that was my problem, I recognized it by reading my source code.

    But the wp-cycle plugin really, I mean really sucks. It works half of the time and I’m getting a bit sick of it. So I just put the cycle plugin with the effects by myself manually 🙂 Too bad I can’t change anything in the CMS system then, but at least it works better now.

    Oké I take back what I said about the cycle plugin, that it sucks. I recognized that it’s not quite smart to put the cycle plugin manually. So what I did was activate the cycle plugin. But I don’t know what’s with you guys, but do you also have problems with giving styles to the slideshow? Well, I’ve got the solution.

    The wp-cycle plugin adds styles in the index.php, as you all know the styles in the index.php overrides the stylesheet styles. So what you have to do: Go to the wp-cycle folder in the plugins folder of your wordpress blog and open wp-cycle.php. Now scroll to the bottom of that file and delete

    margin: 0; padding: 0;
    overflow: hidden;

    between the style tags. Now, if you have also problems that the cycle plugin somethimes stops and you have to refresh the page to get it work again, then you have to delete the following code also in wp-cycle.php:

    pause: 1,
    fit: 1

    You can find them above the style tags (in my opinion that’s the problem), between the script tags. Ow, after you delete them, don’t forget to delete the last comma before the }); (I guess that would be the comma behind speed:).

    I have the same problem.
    I have two websites with the same theme and plugin settings.
    On one website the WP_cycle plugin works fine and on the other it doesnt cycle – just shows the first image.
    The only difference is the two websites are on different hosts.
    Could it be something server related?

    can you post a link of your website?

    The website that has the working plugin is
    The website that has the non-working plugin is

    Both are using the PHP code execution widget with <?php wp_cycle(); ?> as the code.

    Ok here’s a workaround.
    Use this site to generate the code you need and put it into a plain text widget.

    It doesn’t do fancy transitions etc but it does work.

    I had the same problem too, of only 1 picture showing and not the others.

    I fixed it by changing the setings in wp-cycle to :

    Transition Enabled yes
    Transition Effect Scrollup
    Transition Delay 5 seconds
    Transition Length 0 second(s)
    Rotator DIV ID rotator

    Hope that helps someone!



    hi erik,

    the fade-function of the plugin make no trouble at my local XAMPP-installation. but online the same theme with the same plugin-settings stops after the 2nd from eight images.

    your suggestion to delete some code (margin: 0; padding: 0;
    overflow: hidden; etc.) change nothing, it still stops after the second image.

    any idea? thank you very much!



    the solution: wp-cycle and “the lightbox-2-plugin” don´t work together…

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