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  • Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    The new version is FINALLY ready. We’ve gone through multiple stages of internal testing and then testing with a large group of beta testers. I think we’ve squashed all of the big bugs and improved the plugin greatly.

    Give the new version a try and let us know how it works for you. I’d love to hear your feedback, good or bad. All of your (applicable) settings and reviews should import just fine from 2.x to 3.x , but if something does go wrong, you can revert back to 2.x without ending up in a broken state.

    For 3.0, we have removed the automatic business hCard. This is easy to add yourself where you want it. If you have a business reviews page, you pretty much achieve the same effect when Google indexes that page, so nothing is really lost except confusion here 🙂

    Sorry it took so long for the new version, but enjoy!

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  • So how do I revert back to 2x the update has completely change the styling and layout?

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    We provide a base style, your theme should provide styles to match your site. No plugin like this one will come matching your site’s theme out of the box. You can downgrade to 2.x if you want to go back. I don’t have a link for the latest 2.x version, but I’ll make one tomorrow for those that would like to revert until they have time to update themes to match the new version’s layout.

    Thanks bompus that would be great.

    When you say No plugin like this one will come matching your site’s theme out of the box, I am a bit confused because 2x did match my theme exactly?

    bompus where can I find out about the pro version, I have been using your plugin on my sites for a long time now without any problems so i would like to purchase the pro version as I believe it will be worth the cost and I would like to support you for allowing me to use your free plugin for so long.

    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    You were lucky 2.x matched your theme. The intention was that you would need to style the reviews and form to match your site’s theme.

    The pro/premium version is not out yet. We just got 3.0 released, so now we can focus on the premium features while we deal with the bugs that might come from the 3.0 rewrite at the same time.

    If you do need to downgrade to 2.x temporarily, you can follow this guide To downgrade to 2.x, follow this guide:

    If you need to report a bug / feature request, use our ticketing system @

    Early i am use shortcode WPCR_INSERT to add personal reviews to all new post. How do I do it now?

    Thanks for that bompus, although it doesn’t match my theme I will leave it at 3.0 and let you know of any bugs etc.

    Please keep us informed on the Pro version progress and if you need a beta tester I will put my hand up for that.

    I just upgraded (on my staging system, not my public site). It appears that every existing comment has been duplicated: I now have two copies of each comment.

    Any idea why, or how to fix (aside from going through and deleting all the duplicates)? How about avoiding the problem when I update my public site?


    Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    @rea5245 – this sounds like something went odd with the import from 2x -> 3x. It should create one post for each review you previously had, but it sounds like it ran twice, or a double-click when activating may have made it start the import process two times. It’s hard to tell without looking at the exact data before/after.

    If you have a backup of your staging data, I’d say to restore from the backup and try the exact same thing again. If you end up with the same exact problem, then we have something that can be reproduced and hopefully fixed.

    I upgrated to version 3.0, but i dont see any old reviews in the frontend. When i look in the backend i see them under TAB published, but under REVIEW POST it gives NOT PUBLISHED.

    Hi, I just updated and the plug in seems to be working. However I do get this warning from WP “ERROR: You need permission (0664) to write the file /home/person/www/mysite/wp-content/plugins/wp-customer-reviews/css/wp-customer-reviews-generated.css

    I un-installed and reinstalled but get the same result, any suggestions??

    thank you in advance!

    3.0 would not show my reviews im my admin panel, downgraded to 2.8 and it now works.

    Update: Solved after clean installing

    @ bobnorris. Try ver 3.0 with a clean install. I had the same problem at the frrontend. Now it’s okay

    Tried it, same issue. I don’t want to loose my 50 or so reviews so I downgraded and its working

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