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  • I have a custom field that is searched numeric over a dropdown in a range.
    All settings made correct in the oplugin wp-custom-fields-search.
    That actually is the only field in wp-custom-fields-search that works.
    All other fields searching through custom fields dont work with any compare or widget config setting.

    Does anybody have a workaround, or knows, why it does search the range field perfectly, but not the other fields?

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  • Hi,

    Did you put the values like this ?

    10-12,12-14,14-16 ?

    Actually, I have the same problem. Do you search in a custom post type ?

    I have created a search field for searching the ZIP.
    When the user creates a post, the ZIP is put in like this 78945 (German ones).
    The CF only contains that number.
    Then the search field is set to:
    Label: ZIP Search
    Data Type: Custom field
    Data Field: name of cf
    Widget: Drop down
    Compare: Range
    Numeric: Yes
    Widget Config: ,10000-19999,20000-29999,30000-39999,40000-49999,50000-59999,60000-69999,70000-79999,80000-89999,90000-99999

    Watch the “space” befor the first comma, to have the usser also leave that search field alone.

    That absolutely works fine.
    When I let it search a number inside a range, where I know the posting exists, it puts out the posting.
    I have several other custom fields set to search custom fields, that dont work. No way. Tried every setting of compare and widget config.

    Do You know why tht specific field works that nice?
    Also, thsi was the field I assumed wouldnt work at all.
    Thanks. Cheers.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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