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  • Plugin Author Roy Tanck


    Do you actually have tags associated with posts? From what I see your blog is still pretty much empty.

    yes. only one post, but it’s tagged with ‘Dav’e ‘Democracy’ and ‘HAL 9000’ (those show up in the default WP tags widget but not WP-cumulus)

    Plugin Author Roy Tanck


    I looked into it, and it seems the style attribute is missing from your tag cloud’s a tags. I’ve never seen this before, but my guess would be that there’s something in your theme’s functions.php file that hooks into the wp_tag_cloud function and strips the css styles from the tag cloud.

    Without styles, the tags are probably so small you won’t see them. My guess is the font size defaults to zero when this happens.

    Could you check your functions.php file and report back?

    ahhhhh ok, for some reason ‘Remove Title Attributes’ was activated on that site. is all good now, THANKS FOR YOUR HELP AND YOUR SWEET PLUGIN!

    Hello All

    Wanted to thank you so much for that poetic plugin.

    I’ve inserted it on my website with display : Tags.

    website :

    Then I had to convert TAGS to CATS (and vice-versa), as the website owner wanted both :
    WP CUMULUS with Categories (4 categories)
    WP FAT CLOUD with Tags (17 tags)

    Now, as a result, I cannot have WP CUMULUS to display only Categories, it’s stuck with tags…

    Could you help me out pls ?


    Hi again,

    To complete the former post, here’s the content of wp-cumulus/wp-cumulus.php :

    It seems there’s a lot of “Tag” and no “Category”… What are your thoughts please ?

    [huge chunk of code moderated please use for this]

    wow shame on me !

    I was struggling with WP Cumulus admin instead of WP Cumulus Widget admin, if you know what I mean.

    Better get some sleep sometime.

    Have a nice day WP Community

    I recently change my site’s theme. When a tag is clicked in the tag cloud the visitor is taken to a completely blank page. This didn’t happen with my previous theme, but I don’t know what to look for or correct in the new theme. There was no tag.php so I created and uploaded one with the same code as the archive.php but it still doesn’t work.

    Please help! Many of my tags have been indexed and I don’t want to lose my traffic because of this.

    Thank you.

    I solved the problem by using compatibility mode under Settings; WP-Cumulus! This issue was only in IE but worked fine in FF 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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