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  • Hello,

    I use the wp-cumulus cloud together with a “colourbox” plugin that displays, on clicking, my wordpress page’s pictures in big size on top of the transparently grayed page. However the wp-cumulus cloud keeps overlapping and hiding part of these pictures. How can this be avoided? I have been looking for a z-index parameter in the wp-cumulus.php code but don’t find it. Thanks for helping me out!


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  • Plugin Author Roy Tanck


    Have you tried the “transparent” setting in WP-Cumulus? It puts the flash movie into “wmode” “transparent”, which should allow other things to go over it.

    I have un-checked the “use opaque mode” alternative, but no change: the overlapping still occurs. I have not seen a transparent check box. Am I missing something? Thanks for the reply! Henri

    Slight correction. I have changed the php file so that now the alternative again reads “use transparent mode”. Yet checking this still had no positive effect. Henri.

    Plugin Author Roy Tanck


    “use opaque mode” has never been an option in my plugin afaik. Did you modify it, other than that, or are you perhaps using a different version from mine?

    Also, are you checking/unchecking that setting in the widget or on Cumulus’s options screen? If you’re using the widget, you should change the setting there. The options screen has defaults for the shortcode way of embedding.

    I did indeed swap transparent for opaque in the wp-cumulus.php file, resulting in the appearance of the opaque alternative on the settings page. However whether I check or uncheck “transparent” (or, “opaque”) mode, the problem persists. Please have a look at the picture:

    Thanks for your time.


    Plugin Author Roy Tanck


    Could you check if you see the “wmode” in the page’s source code, and whether it gets set to “transparent” there? That is what the setting ends up doing, and from there on in it’s Flash’s job to actually render in transparent mode (which, as a by-product, also makes it possible to put stuff over Flash).



    Thank you!!! I ticked “Background transparency” in the wp-cumulus settings where they appear in Appearance->Widgets, and this made my Lightbox Plus (version 2.4.6) now appear in front. Just in case anyone else gets stuck with this one!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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