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  • We are using corePHP’s Joomla-integrated WP distribution. One of the features it allows for is the use of WP widgets as a module to be placed in any Joomla module position. If you look at our dev site:
    you can see that I have successfully placed Roy Tanck’s wp-cumulus tag cloud into the user6 position (footer, basically) and that it is working. However, I have specified a width of 950 and a height of 190 and it does not seem to be recognizing those params. Color and background color configure correctly. I know this involves a lot of players (corePHP, Joomla, cumulus), so I’m asking for advice in all three places. My hope was that Roy himself might recognize what’s going on.

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  • The width and height settings set the size of the Flash movie. But because a sphere is as wide as it is high, the smallest of the two numbers will determine the actual tag cloud’s size within that space.

    As far as I can tell, Cumulus does what it’s supposed to do. Increasing the height will make the cloud bigger is you want to to be.

    Ah…I see.

    Is there no method of making the cloud more elliptical? I had seen BigBear’s Joomla hack in the header of their website
    and it is definitely more ellipsoid than spherical. Any idea how this was accomplished?

    I note that Joomulus has added an x & y scaling parameter for changing the shape of the cloud. Any chance you’d consider adding same, Roy?

    Roy Tanck


    I’ve considered it, but there are actually very few request for it. You could hack the swf to get this effect (see

    thanks Roy – that sounds ideal.

    I’ve downloaded the dev version but upon attempting to open it in Flash CS3 it disallows it as it is a ‘protected file’.

    You know a way around this?

    I posted this in your discussion on the site as well – sorry for the cross post if you’re getting hammered with RSS

    The Flash sources folder has the original .fla file, which is not protected.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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