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    Thanks to Roy Tanck, I got the WP-Cumulus plugin.
    Even though I installed the plugin and moved the widget to its place in the control panel, I failed to get it to display on the site.

    (Please keep in mind that I am not very good at technical things)

    If I am using a hosting service, can this sort of thing be solved by hard-coding work?

    I don’t know what to do further for now.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Can you describe what you do see in the widget ware where you placed the Cumulus widget? Is there an empty space (if so, please right click to see if it’s Flash)? I assume you do have posts with tags?

    Good evening Roy.
    I use the wp-cumulus plugin on my WordPress sites and find it really great!!!
    Now I have a need to make an elliptical cumulus for a particular website, and have been very interested by your article on “The top 5 WP-Cumulus hacks” => ‘From a sphere to an ellipse’.
    I have downloaded the flash source (tagcloud.fla) from and I have opened it in Flash CS3.
    First problem : I publish the tagcloud.swf file and use it to replace the original file, but then it shows up blank, even ig I make no modification in the falsh source at all.
    Second question : You mention to “Open the file”, but in the wp-cumulus plugin there is no such file. I managed to download the file, but don’t know what to do with it.
    Can you help? Thanks a lot, anyway!

    The as files are (and need to be) in a nested folder structure, so I’d recommend downloading the complete “development version” zip, and extracting it in one place.

    If you can then still not publish the movie correctly, chances are there’s a font issue. In that case, you’ll need to make sure the font name is exactly the same in Tag,as and for the stage text field. This happens mostly on macs.

    Wow, Roy, thanks for the quick reply!
    Are we on the same time zone? I started work about an hour ago and found your answer!
    Anyway… I have finally located the development version zip file, so at least I won’t make a fool of myself asling you where to find it. I’ll probably have other opportunities to do that!
    Have a nice day, I may abuse of your kind concern later on…

    Roy, it’s me again.
    Thanks to you I’m a less stupid frenchman now, since I eventually managed to resize my tagcloud to an ellipse! Sometimes I do impress myself… 🙂
    Well, by the way, I tried to change the font in the flash file, but despite several attempts with standards fonts, the output turned out blank each time.
    It’s not a problem for me today, as I can well do with the arial font.
    So again, thanks, and have a good day!

    The trick is to have font name specified in match the font used in the text field on the stage exactly. Including capitalization and spaces and such.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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