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    I’ve had my WP installation running since mid-April and this includes a newsletter that relies on wp-cron.php to send the newsletter out in batches. With the same theme, ect. I’ve sent out three other newsletters.

    As of last week wp-cron no longer works.

    My host says they are not blocking the wp-cron file but according to the diagnosis section of the newsletter (Satollo) although wp-cron is up it is not actually running.

    I have..
    – set-up an external cron job to ping wp-cron.php every 5 minutes (
    – checked permissions of all files
    – turned off all plug-ins
    – checked the access log (when wp-cron.php is run it returns 200- OK)
    – checked file permissions
    – upgraded to php 5.3 (I know, grasping at straws)
    – replaced the contents of wp-admin with a fresh install of files
    – my .htaccess file contains:
    `<Files wp-cron.php>
    allow from all
    Satisfy Any

    I really don’t know what to do anymore – the newsletter developer has been MORE than helpful in trying to find the cause but we haven’t, yet.

    Any suggestions on other things to check or kick to make it work again?



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  • Wow.. no help at all!

    In the meantime, I got wp-cron to work again but I’m not completely sure how. I will list what I did in case anyone else ends-up in the same boat.

    I put my website on a plug-in and resource reduction diet (Jet-pack’s social plug-in makes touches the server 10 PER PAGE that is loaded). I also had to remove Meteor Slides as it loaded all the slides on every page call even though I only used it on the front page. I signed-up with Content Caching Network (Cloudflare), and installed a database caching plug-in to reduce strain on my shared host.

    All of those steps that seemed to get wp-cron working again.

    I don’t really know what caused my cron NOT to work so I don’t really know how I fixed it.

    But if someone else gets the same problem, try everything I did to see what works.



    Spoke too soon, after a week, it stopped working again!

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