[resolved] wp-cron.php returns 0 stops newsletter scheduling, maybe more (2 posts)

  1. pazzaglia
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've looked everywhere for more information on this return from wp-cron.php but I don't see anything on google or the codex.

    When you call wp-cron.php instad of returning "null" (nothing) it returns 0:

    I first tried to figure this out with the plug-in author for newsletter - because it was not going out- and he was the one to notice that the return on wp-cron.php was looking kinda funky:

    I then contacted my web host, domain.com, and they told me they didn't do anything to my account to stop or block the wp cron.

    I turned off all the plug-ins and the wp-cron.php still returns 0.

    Finally, I checked on the file ITSELF on the we server and it's dated 9/23/2012 - that must be the original creation date because I installed WP in April 2013. So it doesn't appear to be altered.

    I've hit a dead end and need some advice on where to look to fix this.



  2. pazzaglia
    Posted 3 years ago #

    OK.. no help at all on the Wordpess forums. That's really disappointing.

    In the meantime I tried a whole bunch of things and got it to work again.

    Here is a detail of all the things I did:

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