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wp-cron.php My site has been attacked yet? please help me (2 posts)

  1. kkeyxz
    Posted 11 months ago #

    wp_cron.php What documents? Hackers are being utilized? please help me,How can I do?

    attack code

    "doing_wp_cron=1396427477.8123040199279785156250" What's this?

    please help me, thanks very much for you

  2. bcworkz
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Don't worry, you're fine. WordPress runs some scheduled tasks in the background as part of normal operations. Scheduling is managed through wp-cron.php. The long number is simply a Unix timestamp for when the task is supposed to run. The integer portion is the number of seconds since 1 Jan 1970. The fractional portion is the fractional second to a ridiculous accuracy as an artifact of floating point math in the date to timestamp function.


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