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  • This issue seems to appear every few months in the forum and some people have success fixing it and others perhaps do not.

    I am hosted on I have had to remove wp-cron for now because the file seems to run and run and eat up more and more CPU cycles. I saw where some advice was offered in another post concerning the inability on some hosts for a server to connect back to itself. I sent a message to tech support and was told that the server I am hosted on is able to connect to itself. He writes:
    Your server can connect to itself as we can see users specify localhost in many services all the time.

    Now I am at a bit of a loss. I am willing to change hosts if I have to but given that the issue seems to arise from different people I wonder if I would have the same problem there.

    Is there any change in the function of wp-cron in 2.8?

    Thank you all,

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  • I’m on inmotion hosting too and I have the same problem. So far, I’m thinking it’s the company so I’m planning a move.

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