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  • Hi,

    I had writen 3 help posts ealier, but all went answered. I’m in urgent need of expert advise on the following issue at this moment.

    WordPress is generating “do_pings cron” with each new posts that I’m publishing, but I don’t know why the cron is not initiating, and all cron jobs are continue pending in options table.

    If I manually run wp-cron.php, it works, and sometimes generates 404. But it’s not initiating automatically.

    I’ve run fsockopen test, and it’s give success, DNS test are also passed.

    Last week, DreamHost tried to disable wp-cron.php as it was genertaing huge spikes, but that completely bogged down the server.

    May I request for expert advise to troubleshoot this issue. At this moment, I’m deleting cron jobs in options table for the last two days to keep the site running.

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  • I would suggest get a new host. DH is lousy when comes to handing load. They oversell their bandwidth/space like nobody business. It is impossible to reach the given bandwidth/space without first hitting the CPU quota.

    I have a very bad experience with them on my WordPress blog last time.

    Hi GamerZ, can you advise the Best hosting service based on following stats:

    MySQL DB: 46+Mb
    Posts: 22000+
    Traffic: 3-6K per day

    DreamHost suggested me to look for other place, but I was trying my level best to reduce server load.

    Wow, You got about thrice the amount of traffic I have. What about considering getting a VPS? You can try asking here also,

    I’m currently on DreamHost VPS. I had talk on webhostingtalk forum, initially, when the site problems started about a month+ ago.

    DreamHost suggested me to go with either Slicehost or Media Temple. I liked the concept of Slicehost, but it needs a lot of time for installing/upgrading/managing/maintainence of your own server. I would certainly go with Slicehost in future.

    I’m considering Media Temple Grid Services to go with, but I’m not sure, if that would support my current and future growth.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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