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    Hi, I have installed the plugin and like it very much.
    It was taking 12 hours to do 100mb of 200mb (low traffic site)
    I added define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); to my wp-config file and added a wget to the wp-cron.php in the parallels scheduled tasks to run every minute.
    However, the cron came back with a failed: Connection timed out.
    I decided to go back to the original config (dropped the DISABLE_WP_CRON line and suspended the parallels cron task.)
    But now, the wp-cron doesnt seem to work!
    The dropbox plugin doesnt work and a scheduled post doesn’t work. Even if I go into the front end on another session and navigate around to hopefully kick off the wp-cron.
    The site is on a shared server which I have 2 other sites on.
    Scheduled posts dont work on them now either. (Nothing has changed on them s/w wise)
    I asked my hosting provider to reboot apache. They said they did, but still not working.
    Can you suggest something to test please?
    Thanks in advance
    Mike Williams

    ps I installed the core control plugin and everything works ok if you kick these things off manually.

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  • Plugin Author Michael De Wildt


    Gday Mikey,

    wp-cron relies on site traffic to kick things off. Lets say your low traffic site gets 12 hits a day, thats 1 hit every two hours

    That means that if the backup process goes away due to your PHP time limit, Apache time limit or host restrictions, lets go with 5 mins for these.

    So after 5 mins of activity it will go away and then have to wait for up-to two hours for another visitor to kick off the next 5 mins of backing up.

    This gets worse if you visits are condensed into peak times, say morning and night. That means there could be manny hours between hits.

    TL,DR; In short, the process might take 45 mins total, done in 5 min chunks over a 10 hour period.


    I stumbled upon this support topic as I had the same issue that dwhukcom was having.

    I started thinking of how to get control over how to get wp-cron to run when I wanted it to, and not rely on my site’s traffic.

    At first I thought about setting a cronjob that would trigger wp-cron to run at a set interval like when I wanted WPBTD to start running. While this might do the trick, I thought there might be a better way.

    Then I came across Pingdom, which will monitor your website’s up time, down time, and response time every minute (or whatever interval you choose). From what I can tell, since their servers actually visit your site to determine its response time this should trigger wp-cron to run every time Pingdom visits.

    If this is true, then setting Pingdom to check your site every minute would allow wp-cron to run 1,440 times per day (60 minutes x 24 hours). This is probably more frequently than most sites need, but it does seem as if it’s possible to artificially get wp-cron to run, plus provides you with the additional benefit of site monitoring.

    Am I correct in this assumption?

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