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  • Sometime in the last few days, wp-cron has stopped firing on my WP 3.0.1 website (hosted with GoDaddy on shared Linux).

    I noticed this because the cache plugin I was using (Quick Cache) was never running its cleanup of expired cache files, which built up to well over 800 in a short period of time.

    Using the Crontrol plugin, I could see plenty of wp-cron jobs queued up past their due date. And then started getting the dreaded “Missed schedule!” on scheduled posts.

    If I run wp-cron from the browser, it comes back as a blank page and the wp-cron jobs run. I’ve removed Quick Cache, just in case the caching was causing some condition of not serving up any dynamic pages. No luck.

    I’ve gone back to WP-Cache, similar troubleshooting, no luck. Reinstalling WP 3.0.1 – no luck. Disabling plugins, etc. – no luck.

    I’m now running a Linux cron job to kick-off wp-cron.php every 15 minutes. But would prefer to get wp-cron working again.

    Any ideas?


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  • esmi


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    Do you have access to any error logs? Or have you asked your host whether anything was changed on the server a few days ago?

    Hi esmi – no access tot he logs unfortunately. I have asked GoDaddy to investigate on their side but have not heard back from them yet.

    Any idea what on the server side might be causing the issue? Permissions, etc.? Or is the list too long and wide to contemplate without seeing the error logs?



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    It could be almost anything, unfortunately. 🙁

    Well, talked with GoDaddy support and there’s no data in the log files that they could find, anyway.

    So… still stuck as to what’s going on…

    same issue for me while trying to give some cron ability to my backup plugin.

    checked the log but there are no entries of “wp-cron.php” at all; at the end I decided to edit the code as follow:

    //add_action(‘meb_backup_cron’, ‘exec_meb_cron_backup’);
    if(time()>wp_next_scheduled(‘meb_backup_cron’)) {

    Still testing but this seem to be the solution for me.

    Hope you can solve the issue sephage, good luck!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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