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  • So I’m writing a plugin where all the core functionality is OOP.

    This works fine for hooks and actions where the function is actually an instance method:

    global $wpdb;
    $cat_sub = new CategorySubscriptions($wpdb);
    add_action( 'edit_user_profile', array($cat_sub, 'show_profile_fields') );

    But it seems like I have to actually add my cron callback functions directly into the global namespace if wordpress is going to be able to execute them.

    I can’t pass in an instance or static method hook, it looks like I can only pass in a string and that’d mean I have to have the function live in the global namespace.

    I understand why you can’t pass in an instance method hook – it’s not like you can serialize an instantiated object safely, especially one that changes. It would be nice to use a static method as a hook, though.

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance – really, I just want to confirm whether or not a wp-cron callback function has to live in the global namespace or not. Thanks!

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  • Actually, I am a dumbass. I have to add the custom action via add_action() and then wp_schedule_single_event() refers to the action name that I register. Quite elegant, actually, meaning I can use an instance method without issue.

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