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  • Hello colleagues,
    I am vexed and after much searching of the web I can not find a solution to the scheduling issue, so I turn to my colleagues, as I now admit personal defeat.

    Given the number of returns I get from Google it seems to be a common problem however I have been unable to find the elusive needle in the haystack.

    [b]Problem.[/b] Getting schedules and auto stuff to work

    [b]Background. [/b] After launching my sites I had hoped that I could get a number of things done automatically. This would include scheduled posts and backups.

    After installing the plugin BackUpWordPress I noticed that it was not firing and not doing it’s funky stuff. This got me to investigate further.

    It transpires the failure to launch seems to have something to do with the page wp-cron.php and inturn the inability of it to get back to the server.

    This was confirmed based on this article [url][/url]
    and gave the response
    [i]Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to[/i]

    and further confirmed using the test further down the page where 2 lines of wp-cron.php are removed and you browse to wp-cron.php with a web browser.
    if ( $_GET[‘check’] != wp_hash(‘187425’) )

    The result of this test was for the wp-cron to run.

    Back to the hosts now and they report [quote] ‘Our system administrators have confirmed that loopbacks are not allowed on our servers, this is now the same on all servers so I’m afraid it will not be possible to use this cron.'[/quote]

    Yes, I could leave the two lines of code off the wp-cron.php but it has been suggested that this may get me into ‘server resource issues’ as my sites become popular. [url][/url]

    [b]So, as the answer is always in the room, what does the floor suggest?[/b]

    [b]Further info[/b]
    I do have access to a scheduler from my host to run a scheduled cron job. But using it to ‘ping’ wp-cron.php doesn’t work because it is seeing the page as above and in turn not working.

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  • I am using WordPress Database Backup for several blogs with the same theme and this worked well until I upgraded to 2.8.1.

    Now one blog refuses to schedule a backup, or at least I don’t get anything emailed to me. The other blog backup works fine though.

    My email is ok since I receive emails of new posts as well as comments, but I can’t get an automatic backup.

    The backup works when done manually and emails it to me, so I assume the problem is with the scheduler somehow.

    I tried deleting and re-installing the plugin, but it made no difference.

    I don’t know if this information helps you, but I sure would like to get this problem resolved. It sounds as if it could be a similar cause.

    Does anyone know if this loopback issue related to wp-cron.php is an issue for taking up lots of server memory?

    Does anyone else have problems with WordPress Database Backup plugin – wp-db-backup?

    I’m not sure which WP version I was on when the WordPress Database Backup plugin quit emailing me my daily backups, but it’s still not working. As someone else in this thread has mentioned, I can create a MANUAL backup with WordPress Database Backup, but not a scheduled backup.

    I’ve also noticed that another plugin (Update Notifier) that’s supposed to send an email notification whenever new WP versions are available no longer works.

    If I manually run wp-cron.php from my browser, both plugins immediately work at that moment.

    Are these plugin issues likely a hosting issue or a WP issue? My web host is Bluehost.

    Thanks for any input.

    In theory there are other cron solutions you could use.

    Cron is just the process of auto-mating and scheduling a task. It’s not something that must be done within WordPress. Much like a third party gallery script, you don’t necessarily need to use one built “for” WordPress.

    I’m simply offering an alternative direction to head should you feel “stuck” .. wrestling with the WP cron problems.

    It’s not something i work with specifically (cron), but there’s plenty of information on the web in relation to using cron processes.

    Might not help for solving post schedule problems, but there’s certainly alternatives for auto-mating backup processes..

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