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    I use easycron.com to trigger the email sending in the queue. It works great. I have a DEV, TEST, and LIVE server. Easycron.com only calls the URL on my LIVE server only.

    I upgraded to v4.1.6
    Now for some reason Posts on my TEST server are being sent out. I don’t call the cron URL on the TEST server, only on the LIVE server. My question, has something changed?

    I noticed there’s a WP Cron job “ig_es_cron_fifteen_mins”. Does that now trigger emails in the queue instead of my external easycron.com?

    In EmailSubscribers->Settings->EMail Sending there is a new checkbox “Disable WordPress Cron”. What exactly does that do? Does that disable WP Cron Only but external EasyCron.com will keep triggering emails in the queue OR does that disable both WP Cron and External Cron triggering and all emails are sent immediately? I want to ONLY use easycron.com to trigger the queue so emails on my DEV and TEST servers don’t get triggered.

    I’m curious about the above questions. In the mean time, I found the filter ‘es_process_request’ and I return FALSE if running from my DEV or TEST server.

    What solution is the best to only send emails from the LIVE server and not my development servers. Something changed on the upgrade.


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    Glad to hear that Cron is working for you.

    Yes, we have added support of WP Cron in Email Subscribers 4.0. Which means email sending trigger based on WP Cron.

    As you mentioned you already setup Easycron to trigger email sending. It should work as it was working in ES 3.x.

    So, in your case WP Cron as well as Easycron trigger email sending.

    “Disable WordPress Cron” settings help you disable email sending via WP Cron. So, if you want to use only Easycron to trigger email sending, you can check this option.

    Hope that helps.

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    Great. Thanks!

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