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  • We’ve been using the plugin successfully on other sites and this is the first time we’ve run into the error: “BackUpWordPress has detected a problem. wp-cron.php is returning a 404 Not Found response which could mean cron jobs aren’t getting fired properly. BackUpWordPress relies on wp-cron to run scheduled back ups”

    The wp-cron file is in the main directory, as it should be. So not sure why a 404 error is being returned. We’re also able to manually make a backup without any problems.

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  • There’s more info in the FAQ. Does that help?

    What do I do if I get the wp-cron error message

    The issue is that your wp-cron.php is not returning a 200 response when hit with a http request originating from your own server, it could be several things, most of the time it’s an issue with the server / site and not with BackUpWordPress.

    Some things you can test are.

    Are scheduled posts working? (They use wp-cron too).
    Are you hosted on Heart Internet? (wp-cron is known not to work with them).
    If you click manual backup does it work?
    Try adding define( ‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true ); to yourwp-config.php`, do automatic backups work?
    Is your site private (I.E. is it behind some kind of authentication, maintenance plugin, .htaccess) if so wp-cron won’t work until you remove it, if you are and you temporarily remove the authentication, do backups start working?

    If you have tried all these then feel free to contact support.

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