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  • I love the WP Creativix theme but I am having a problem getting the Portfolio section set up. I would like a Logo and Print Page under my Portfolio page. This way I can separate my work into categories. I cannot seem to get an image to show up using the Portfolio Page Template unless I make an actual post with the image first. This then puts every post I make on every page that I used the Portfolio Template. Any suggestions on how to use the Portfolio template for both the Logos and Print pages while allowing them to have to different content?

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  • I am wondering the same thing.


    I’m not really sure of what you mean.

    You may add as many Portfolio Categories and Portfolio Posts as you like. They will only be shown on your Portfolio Page (which is a page template, just add a new page and select it as template, leave the content empty).

    While adding a new Portfolio Post, upload as many Pictures in the gallery as you like and select one to as “featured image”.


    Any post I would make would show up on any page that had a Portfolio Template. I could not figure out how to create a Logo and Print category under the portfolio page with the Logo and Print page showing different pieces. Since I posted this 4 months ago and I tried day after day to figure this out I have moved onto a new template for my website. Thanks for getting back to me anyways.

    However you are able to add different Portfolio Categories. Now you may add your Portfolio Items to those different categories. You may even choose those categories to appear in your menu through the WordPress Menu Interface.


    I’m having the same (or similar problem).

    I’ve made some categories – photoshoots, press, tour, etc. which I’d like as sub-menu headings from a main category of gallery. The gallery page I’d like to have one image (the featured image) from each of the categories. But I can’t see how to get these on the menu.

    Also, when I view the page from the button on the editing page, I seem to be getting two sets of the photos I uploaded.

    Would appreciate some help as I love the theme and would love to get all parts of it working.

    Another problem – I’d like to change the order of photos in one of my posts, but I can’t seem to pull up the “gallery” to do it. I get to the “post” page with the gallery icon – large pale blue rectangle with image and camera pic in centre – but no way of getting into the gallery from there.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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