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  • Hi guys,

    yesterday we were releasing our first free premium WordPress theme.
    It has many features, for example a Javascript Dropdown Menu, a Javascript slideshow on frontpage and a nice Portfolio with Lightbox support. Of course this theme is widget-ready!

    Try it by yourself – Great Design and great functions!



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  • Hmm…

    I absolutely adore this theme; but the question begs; just how do I make the post thumbnail functionality work that came with wordpress 2.9? I don’t want to have to be copying and pasting every time I make a new post.

    I’m sitting here; reading through the instructions on how to make the post thumbnail deal work with your theme; even though it -already- has the function for it to work–but I would rather just “Click” then “choose” then “save” and be done with the picture. o_o;

    I think in further versions we will be releasing that function.
    But most WordPress Users are not using WP 2.9 and higher so far, so we have to be upwards compartible as well.
    I think for that moment you will have to copy and paste (:

    This is a very nice theme. I seem to have an issue with the slider and the featured items on the main page. I am trying to get the slider on the main page to display something from only the category 9 and the featured posts section only those from category 8. For some reason the slider displays the 10 latest posts instead while the featured displays the 2 latest posts.

    When I use categories to filter posts on a portfolio page it works fine. I am pretty confused as to why filtering doesn’t seem to work on the main page. I can edit PHP, is this a case of variable not being passed through from the config page to the main page?

    well thats kind of strange becaue we have tested and using it on and it’s working fine!
    Did you have a look at themes/themes settings to enter the category ID you would like to show in the Featured/Slider Section?

    Thanks for the reply. I would consider this to be resolved at this point as far as I needed it. I never got the values to pass through, but I ended up editing the front page template (and a few other areas as well) such that I ended up getting rid of the problem functions.

    I did not spend much time trying to troubleshoot this though.

    To clarify, I did enter the values the appearance>themes setting as you suggested. Also your theme goes very well stylistically with the cu3er flash slide show. Again, thanks for creating a great theme.

    I get invalid compressed file when I try to unzip it.

    thank you for the template, but dont you think the colours oyuve chosen don`t fit together?

    Sorry to be thick, but I can’t see how to use most of the features in this theme 🙁
    On your page at you’ve managed to set the front page image box so that only a brief vertical list description shows of each photo, and the scrolling box of images underneath isn’t shown. I really like the way you’ve implemented it there but can’t see how you did it. There’s also a ‘showcase’ on one of the demos but I can’t see how to enable that, and the rollover menu too that I can’t work out how to implement.

    I’m having trouble to getting an image to display next to the post I feature. I’ve used the category ID in the theme settings area and still nothing showing up is there something I’m doing wrong? Does someone have detailed set of instructions for the theme? this is my site maybe I made mistake somewhere

    Hi casy001 ..
    Well I think colors do really match (: Grey is wonderfull as secondary colour and highlight colour can be chosen by yourself in Administration Area.

    Hi travellers ..
    I don’t understand what you mean with your first paragraph? Do you mean the Slideshow on the Frontpage? It displays excerpts of the posts automatically.
    You can add the Portfolio by adding a Page and then on the right side select the template “portfolio”. Now chose a category ID in the Theme Settings to be displayed on the Portfolio Page. The Dropdown menu is automatically enabled if you add Pages and Subpages.

    Hi Mr. Sykes ..
    Well you need to add a custom field to every post which you like to feature (key: Featured and value: direct link to image).

    I too am having an issue with the slideshow. I’ve edited the key and value and the images still don’t show up. Also, i’d like to insert my logo at the top of the page, but when i put it into the header php, it shifted the navigation down, is there a way i can avoid this?

    Did you add “Featured” as key? Please note that this is case-sensitive.
    Well your Logo seems to be much too big.. what you can do is add a small logo where now is the text.

    Yes, “Featured” is the key, I’m trouble shooting the logo issue right now. The images still aren’t showing up in the slideshow.

    how can i add more then 10 featured posts ?

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