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    All my menu items are CAPITAL/UPPERCASE regardless of how I create them(eg in pages), how do i adjust so it shows as it’s set in pages title?

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  • You’ll likely need to change that in the CSS code – it’s probably making it all caps. Do you have a child theme or custom CSS (i.e. jetpack) set up?

    No I don’t have any extra plugins/themes installed, do I need to install one so i can adjust the setting?

    I feel confident editing the code just don’t know what variable to change.


    Yes, you do need to do one of those. If you edit code directly, your changes are lost when the theme is updated. Hopefully you have not already made changes in theme files.

    If you only want to modify CSS, jetpack or another CSS plugin will be the simplest option.

    Thanks – I did a quick search for jetpack and there are lot of jetpack plugins, do you have link to it by chance? Thanks

    This is what you want –

    It has a lot of other cool features too – which might come in handy at some point as well.

    Thanks – downloaded and installed.

    I did some research and this is what i supposed to do right?
    #name {
    text-transform: none;

    but how do I know what is my ‘#name’ ? where to find out menu name/>

    One easy way is to use Firebug — to look at the CSS code for that element. I highly recommend it – it has a lot of other useful features as well. But for the moment, if you post a link to your site, I’ll look for you :).

    I don’t want to display the domain name yet, but you will be redirected via tinyurl.

    I believe its #navbar?

    I added this to css editor:
    #navbar {
    text-transform: none;

    but it doesn’t change it.

    Thanks again.

    That was close – but there’s another piece of CSS overriding that one:

    #header #navbar a {
        text-transform: uppercase;

    Also, make sure you clear any caches after making changes as that can interfere. Your site’s looking good, BTW.

    Change the above to “none” – obviously!

    Thanks alot! that worked.

    I’m going to ask you one more question regarding the theme(not sure if you are familiar with it), but what I’m trying to find out if I can have “Home Page” type screen on each menu.

    For example, when I click on vTiger, it opens the front page(like it does now) and there would be only 2 images(News, Why vTiger).

    Then when I click on vTiger Add-ons, it would have 5 separate images for each section(pull down menus).

    etc..(all the other menus).

    Do you know if that’s possible?


    I’m not familiar with that particular theme, but pretty much anything is possible. If I’m understanding your question, I think what you will probably need to do is create custom templates for each of those pages:

    You should be able to start with the template that is being used for the home page and make a copy, change the name and then modify it. Of course that part will take some HTML and CSS knowledge. And this is the kind of thing that absolutely needs to be done in a child theme – you totally would not want to lose a ton of custom work!


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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