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  • When I create a post that includes pics, I arrange the appearance where I want text and pics to be.
    What typically happens after saving is that WP creates large empty spaces between pics and text. If I try to fix it WP puts the spaces back in again. I’ve looked for discussions about this but haven’t found anything. Can someone explain why this is happening and what I can do to ensure the posts appear the way I want then to? An example of what is wrong can be seen at

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  • I can see clearly your issues and know first hand how frustrating they can be!

    Are you using the ‘Visual’ or the ‘HTML’ editor within WordPress? I typically use the ‘HTML’ editor as you can specify exactly what you want, where as the ‘Visual’ editor makes it up from a list of specified rules.

    Failing that, you could also have a look at your CSS – it is possible that there is a class in there that is causing the odd look that just needs a small alteration.

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    I have been using ‘visual’, but on your suggestion I tried HTML and removed the many spacer repeats I found there, which seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for that; I am grateful for a solution to a hard problem. I’m glad I was able to fix it without having to code, since I don’t know how. Your help is appreciated.

    I must say that I’d be glad to see the WordPress developers give some serious attention to the many bugs** that are built into the Visual word processor feature, as these bugs have been present for a long time now through several versions.

    ** – alignment issues, this image/text problem of inserting unwanted spacers, the cursor not lining up properly with the text, lack of drag and drop, plugins that show code instead of wygiwys, editing box too narrow, etc.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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