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  • Hi, All.
    We faced a problem with wordpress when it leaks memory on every page request, the amount is leaked 4-9mb :-/
    Any ideas ?

    system info:
    Wordpress v3.5.1
    All plugins removed
    Twenty Eleven them is ON (the default one)
    Stock core is on
    All widgets removed.

    Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
    PHP 5.3.1

    From security point of view, i cant share the wordpress URL.

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  • As an investigation shows, WordPress uses up to 6.76mb in peak and 6.49mb at the end of execution at front, backend’s usage less interesting.
    this is an exact amount that memory is jumps.
    I have a few point to continue investigation.

    Do you have any now?



    very awesome

    That’s pretty standard memory usage for WordPress. What did you expect it to be?

    @catacaustic, did you got to the deepness of the problem?
    It leaks(!) memory, once per 2-3 requests after execution finishes, it is not frees these 4-9mb of memory, with a time, 12GB of server’s memory is ate, seems by a cache (even it is disabled everywhere), and server stops responding.



    very awesome

    If you’re right about it being a “memory leak”, then I’d be looking at the server software. What are the logs telling you is going on? What’s the MySQL slow query log telling you?

    A normal WordPress application just doesn’t run like that. It runs, quits and the resources are recovered by the server. If the server isn’t doing that then the issue is most likely with the server. I’ve got shared hosting accounts running 20-30 WordPress sites in my section alone, and no idea of how many other sites are running from the same platform, and there’s no problems like this on any of the servers that I’m using.

    Currently investigating this situation using xdebug, profiling memory.
    I also believe that it is an infrastructure problem, but out IT won’t agree with me.
    Also, mysql is not an issue, such configuration holds 40,000,000 visitors daily on 3 servers.
    Perhaps the PHP 5.3.1 leaks somewhere as 5.3.1 has a lot of leaks, as option, wordpress using few of these functions, that leaked memory…
    or… 5.3.1 had a bug when under some circumstances not freeing memory at execution end.

    Let’s prove it wrong so 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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